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Lanteria Budget is a solution for the budget management, financial forecasting, planning and control. It supports a collaborative approach to creating, approving, tracking and reviewing the budgets. Make this key business process more effective and straightforward for the best financial results!

Lanteria Budget has been created in order to help automate and simplify the total budgeting and forecasting process in a company regardless of its size. The system is easy to use and requires minimum training to get up to speed.

Imagine organizing and automating the financial planning, forecasting and control so that there is no more paperwork and annoying manual routines. All the work can be simply done through the budgeting system.

Imagine tracking the whole process, receiving the feedback from your colleagues, tracking the progress and reminding the responsible people automatically by our budget management software.

Imagine the budget tool that enables you analyze the planned budget and the actual results on the ongoing basis and adjusting the budgets accordingly as well as getting comprehensive year-end reports .

Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting with SharePoint


  • Collaborative Financial Planning and Control
  • Budgeting and Forecasting program supported with customizable workflows and notifications
  • Effective budget planning and year end result analysis
  • Centralized control of the budgeting process
  • Enhanced security for sensitive data
  • Fully customizable to comply with your process
  • Easy solution for a complex task