Lanteria Budget is a budgeting and forecasting software that supports a collaborative approach to creating, approving, tracking and reviewing your company’s budgets, making them more effective and straightforward for the best financial results.

  • Collaborative Financial Planning and Control
  • Budgeting and Forecasting program supported by customizable workflows and notifications
  • Effective budget planning and year end result analysis
  • Centralized control of the budgeting process
  • Enhanced security for sensitive data
  • Fully customizable to comply with your process
  • Easy solution for a complex task



  • Manage budgeting periods, accounts and cost centers
  • Involve managers organization-wide
  • Track budget health to stay on top of the company’s cash flow and financials
  • Manage the revenues and expenses
  • Review and adjust the budgets according to the company’s current needs
  • Keep track of budget history and versions

Report and analyze

  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Role based dashboards and graphical charts
  • Plan vs. Actual analysis
  • What-if analysis
  • Customizable analytics and dimensions

Collaborate and Approve

  • Configure the workflows to meet your process needs
  • Set budget expectations for managers or receive proposals from them
  • Get feedback and Approvals
  • Use notifications and reminders for more effective collaboration

Inside Lanteria Budget