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Сore HR

Manage the company’s structure and define relationships between various departments, teams and employees.

Vizualise the organization chart
All employee information at your fingertips
Track all structural changes
Design processes and workflows


Visualize the organizational chart

With this SharePoint HR solution you will have access to an automated organizational chart that allows you to visualize your organizational structure and expand the understanding of its requirements.

Have a centralized storage of all HR data

Use this Microsoft HR software to store the employee and company documents, job contracts and certificates with access to each of your employees through flexible search tools and filters.

Create custom reports

Access to our custom report builder to create any kind report you need for your own unique business requirements and distribute it with ease.

Track all structural changes

Easily track the structural changes that take place within the organization by reviewing the entire company as a whole or taking it apart and focusing on each of the departments separately.

Design custom HR processes

Create and track any kind of customized HR management process, easily set up through required tasks, forms and notifications.

Manage compensation

Create pay for performance plans that align the compensation with the company goals, team and individual performance indicators and improve employees’ overall performance.

The Core HR module allows you managing the company’s structure, maintaining employee database and designing various HR processes and workflows

  • Create an organizational chart that updates in real-time

  • Maintain a centralized database of all company information

  • Design and track your HR management processes and workflows

  • Create electronic forms and approval workflows

  • Manage compensation components

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What Clients Say?


Simon Hazlitt, Information Director

We have used Lanteria for 3 years, and have found it to be functionally rich, it integrates seamlessly into our SharePoint environment, and represents good value for money.

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Sheila Trant, Compensation & Benefits Manager

I am very happy with the product… Your services are excellent.

Vizualise the organization chart
All employee information at your fingertips
Track all structural changes
Design processes and workflows