Andersen Construction (USA) wanted more powerful HRMS to automate their HR tasks - so they switched to Lanteria


Andersen Construction Company was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1950, specializing in industrial and retail construction. Since then, Andersen has grown to be the largest family-owned construction manager-general contractor in the Pacific Northwest. As a “Builder of Choice” for clients, Andersen delivers public and private projects for varying industries like retail, hi-tech, education, health care, office, housing, hotel, and structured parking. Andersen is also a national leader in mass and cross-laminated timber construction.

The most critical requirement for Andersen’s new HRIS online platform was to provide a robust Learning Management System (LMS) for engaging employees to support skill and career development, along with maintaining state and federal compliance certifications for the construction industry. Other desired features included interactive employee Performance management, including annual performance reviews, ongoing check-ins, 360 reviews from all participating parties and personal feedback (Accolades).

Lanteria Employee Chart


Andersen wanted a comprehensive HRIS management solution that integrated seamlessly with their CMIC project management and payroll platform. The key features that were implemented include:


  • Integration with Andersen’s public website for job postings
  • Candidate application, and tracking of candidates through the interview and hiring process
  • Onboarding / Offboarding: Simplified workflow to engage new employees and track “leaver” demographics.
Lanteria Dashboard for Teams


  • Tracking employee training status and individual development plans
  • Creation of a “Learning Catalog” of over 250 internal and external training classes
  • Automatic assignment and tracking of required training courses based on job roles
  • Scheduling of classroom course delivery integrated with Outlook Calendar, including meeting invitations, reminders, and updates
  • Access to internally developed e-learning courses, 3rd party content, and customized quizzes to provide on-demand learning
  • Tracking of expired and soon-to-expire certifications and course requirements, to aid in scheduling and employee compliance
Lanteria Learning solution for Andersen Construction


  • Annual performance review tracking tied to regional and corporate goals
  • Ongoing check-in management between employees and managers including personal goal setting, training needs, and career planning
  • 360 reviews providing feedback from managers, peers, direct reports, and external business partners
  • Encourage internal feedback, acknowledgements and appreciation using “ACCOlades” , submitted by other employees
Lanteria's Performance solution for Andersen Construction

Time and Attendance

  • Submittal and approval of PTO requests along with automated accrual tracking based on the company policy and employee status


  • Standard and customized reports through an easy user interface
  • Integration with other SharePoint-based platform data through Power BI creating live management dashboards
HR solutions for Andersen Construction by Lanteria HR


The outcome for Andersen has been:

  • Simplified workflows
  • Less paperwork
  • Single point data entry with integration across multiple platforms
  • Increased employee engagement in career & development planning
  • Easy to locate, reliable information with appropriate security measures
HR Solution for Andersen Construction

Lanteria HR has given employees a simple, effective tool for learning in short intervals on a daily basis. The online learning platform enables employees to complete a variety of training courses, review videos & documents, take quizzes, or participate in live classroom events. All of these activities are saved in Lanteria HR, organizing the learning process into trackable data that can be analyzed and viewed at any time. The Performance Review process is transparent and streamlined, and all paperwork is eliminated.

The HR Managers can identify the gaps during various types of reviews, and use the Lanteria Personal Development plan for further learning and development based on individual needs.

Results of implementing Lanteria HR solutions

Employee Feedback (Accolades) are a great way to provide timely & public recognition in support of company Core Values and serve as a catalyst for engagement and performance. The employees can view their past absences, as well as the number of booked, taken and remaining vacation or sick days, which helps them plan and maximize their time outside of work. Managers and the HR team can track and analyze their employees’ absences. In addition, the Out Of Office Calendar is available for users to see other colleagues’ absences for the selected month.

Employee Feedback for Andersen Construction

The solution was deployed in the following five functional stages:

  • Core HR and integration with CMiC
  • Learning Management
  • Leave requests and approvals
  • Recruitment, which includes an Extranet portal for external applications
  • Performance reviews
  • External feedback, employee feedback
Lanteria HR solutions for Andersen Construction

Greg Baker, Employee Development Director, says:

"We’ve been able to integrate our Lanteria database with our SharePoint data warehouse to automatically populate our PowerBI dashboard. We now have better visibility to manage our HR and training performance."

Review of Lanteria HR by KR Wind

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