The Best Alternative to BambooHR 

Lanteria as a BambooHR alternative for companies that require a scalable, customizable, and flexible HR solution that works the way you work.

Every company has its unique methodologies when it comes to managing their HR and business processes. That’s why a one-size-fits-all solution can not meet the requirements of today’s businesses. They demand a system capable of managing the entire life-cycle of their organization’s workforce and evolving together with a company.

Top 3 reasons to try Lanteria an alternative to BambooHR:

Outgrown your current solution
You need a customizable and configurable HRM system that meet your specific needs at the moment
Crossed the threshold of 100 employees
Lanteria is a perfect fit for mid-sized and large companies covering all the main HRM areas from-hire-to-retire
Unified technology ecosystem
Lanteria is fully integrated with Microsoft infrastructure (Office 365, SharePoint, Azure and ActiveDirectory)

Alternatives to BambooHR

  Looking for BambooHR alternatives? The market has literally exploded with standardized SaaS HR Solutions. How can you tell which of these solutions will meet the unique needs of your growing company? 

Lanteria HR is the solution that stands alone in the marketplace. For the last 14 years, Lanteria has been helping companies revolutionize the way they deal with their organization’s most valuable asset - their employees.

These well-known companies have chosen Lanteria
Lockheed Martin
You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a scalable, customizable, and flexible HR Solution that will:
Increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity
Provide you with 5 essential HR tools combined into a single easy to use solution
Deliver powerful analytics and reporting tools designed for management
Talk to all your Microsoft applications with 100% accuracy
Don’t take our word for it - Request a trial and see how Lanteria HR works for yourself.

Strengthen your HR team, and increase ROI by choosing the best alternative to BambooHR.

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Why choose Lanteria as the best alternative to BambooHR?

Lanteria is more than just an HRIS, HCM, or applicant tracking system. It’s a totally different approach to automation providing customizable workflows, notifications, that decreases wasted time & errors. Its killer features allow your HR Team to focus on mission-critical work increasing their productivity and eliminating waste.

Evolving with customer
A fully customizable approach allows your HR System to grow along with your business requirements. Here is a quick test. Just grab all your user requests that haven’t been met by your current HR solution, and ask our consultant to demonstrate these in Lanteria. You will find out what real customization really means and experience why Lanteria is a great alternative to BambooHR.
Native to Microsoft Family
Lanteria HR integrates with Office 365 and SharePoint 2013, 2016, and 2019. Moreover, it supports Microsoft technologies so your employees will have a familiar application interface to use from day one.
Lanteria HR is a Preferred Microsoft Application and Lanteria is a Gold Microsoft Partner - this is the level of achievement that should be taken into account when you’re searching for effective BambooHR alternatives.
Data Security Guarantee
The data from your HR software platform is critical information to your company. Lanteria is serious about security, which makes it a great alternative to BambooHR. HTTPS/SSL certificates are used to secure connections and communications get encrypted using TLS 1.2 or later protocol with 2,048-bit RSA/SHA256 encryption keys. For daily backups, Azure Backup Vault with Geo-redundant storage (GRS) is utilized. Moreover, you can rest assured that Lanteria keeps an eye on the functionality of its services 24/7 so that 99.9% uptime is guaranteed.
More Reasons to Choose Lanteria as Your Preferred Alternative to BambooHR
Learning Management System
Powerful Recruitment and Onboarding Automations
Absence and Time Management
Performance Management
Self Service Portal

Develop high-performing employees by planning and executing targeted training programs with Lanteria Learning Solution.

  1. Create a storage location for all learning materials.
  2. Plan and track the training process.
  3. Build quizzes and track certification.
  4. Report on the learning results.
  5. Manage and report on employee compliance.
  6. Access a full range of LinkedIn Learning courses, integrated with Lanteria HR.

LMS integrates into the HRMS providing a single solution for HR and training management.

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Unify and automate the entire recruitment process using the best alternative to BambooHR to ensure you get the right people on board.

  1. Publish jobs on your internal career portal and external job boards.
  2. Master Interview scheduling, forms, and feedback.
  3. Create and track onboarding tasks via Applicant and Employee Self Services.
  4. Automate applicant letters and interview invitations.
  5. Notify with Outlook and any other messenger on demand.
  6. Master custom candidate profiles.
  7. Search by candidate skills.
  8. Match job requirements and applicant skillset.

And much more...



You can quickly drag-and-drop fields to build forms. Employees can then fill out information for the HRIS which you can later review and add to the database. Lanteria also gives you the ability to show/hide a group of form fields for specific teams, departments, or regions.

The employee database on Lanteria becomes a single point of reference for everyone in the organization when they need to see the company’s structure, hierarchy, and responsibilities at a glance.


Time & Attendance aimed to automate time tracking and leave management. This customizable module allows to:

  1. Calculate absence automatically
  2. Define custom leave policies and rules
  3. Create a global dashboard for offices & remote teams in different regions
  4. Automize the time-off approval process with Self-Service tools
  5. Reduce the time for approval from days to seconds

So you can set multiple policies for each location, remote team, or shift. With the leave trends reports, foreseeing upcoming leaves and planning workload becomes more accurate and easy.


Top 7 magic things you allowed to do in the performance management module by Lanteria:

  1. Align employee objectives and efforts with the strategic vision, direction, and goals of your organization, based on their competencies.
  2. Enable your employees to give feedback to each other through text messages with Employee Feedbacks.
  3. Establish a collaborative review process with automated workflows, reminders, and notifications.
  4. Maintain a conversation between an employee and manager using Check-Ins (performance meetings).
  5. Сreate easy-to-use evaluation and review forms for various review types and employees.
  6. Identify and develop the top talent in your organization.
  7. Get a full performance analysis with charts and reports that give a clear picture of current productivity levels.

Increase employee engagement and deliver a great experience with SharePoint Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) portals.

  1. Provide your employees with access to personal data and documents, and keep them up-to-date with minimal effort.
  2. Let employees track leave balances, request time off, and register absences, which can be approved by managers on both the mobile and desktop versions.
  3. Share important company information, such as company policies, org charts, job descriptions, and job openings with the employees who need it.
  4. Increase productivity by providing access to performance appraisals, personal goals, competency assessments, and development plans with simple, organized, and easy-to-maintain user experience in mind.
  5. Empower your managers with analytical reports, individual development plans, and all the tools they need to make confident, informed decisions in support of your company values.

BambooHR vs Lanteria 

How are Lanteria and BambooHR different? Here’s how. 


Job Posting Management
Source through social media, email, job boards
Talent Pool Management
Customizable hiring process
Schedule Interviews & Collect Feedback     
Scorecard management 
Offer management
Manage offer declined reasons 
Pipeline Reports and insights
Out of the box integration with the outlook calendars of the recruiters and interviewers
Self Onboarding kit
Custom onboarding forms (for branches, teams, etc.)
Custom onboarding workflows
Custom field options         
Manage field visibility
Secure document vaults
Employee self-service
Recognize duplicate records
Learning Management System (LMS)
Integration with LinkedIn Learning
Custom absence policies
Holiday calendars and workweeks
Approval workflows
Time off tracking
Time off reports
Customizable reporting
Integration with Power BI
Integration with Microsoft Office 365
Integration with LinkedIn Learning
Power BI
MS Exchange
Predictive Index
MS Dynamics
Active Directory
LinkedIn Learning
Office 365


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