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CTO Job Description

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is expected to deliver technical leadership and management within the company. Being a CTO involves overseeing the overall technological resources, needs, and capacities of the organization. 

As part of the executive team, a CTO examines the company's temporary and long-term technical needs and allocates the capital to make improvements to its technological infrastructures.

What Does a CTO Do?

The CTO highlights the technological vision of the company, strategizes technological improvements and developments, and ensures that...

QA Tester Job Description

Being a Quality Assurance (QA) Tester involves developing and deploying end-to-end tests on the company's products and services prior to their launch. Quality assurance testing refers to the process of pretesting products and services, ensuring that they are of perfect quality. 

This process involves conducting a series of tests and standardized procedures to make sure that a product meets quality benchmarks.

What Do QA testers Do?

QA testers are tasked to collaborate with the development team to identify potential issues or errors and supply needed fixes to a certain...

IT Manager Job Description

An IT Manager is primarily responsible for the management of the company's network and server infrastructure. Information Technology (IT) Management refers to the process by which IT assets and resources are managed and tailored to the company's needs and priorities to achieve its objectives.

What Do IT Managers Do?

IT managers handle the overall IT operations and resources of a company. They are considered to be experts who initiate and monitor activities involving the organization's information and computer systems.

Job Profile of an IT Manager

As an IT...

Computer Technician Job Description

A computer technician ensures the overall performance and efficiency of technical equipment and various IT infrastructures. A computer technician refers to an employee who diagnoses and identifies computer issues to execute necessary fixes. 

They generally have specialized knowledge and hands-on experience repairing and maintaining computer hardware, software, networks, and servers.

What Do Computer Technicians Do?

Computer technicians are responsible for maintaining and improving the reliability of various computer equipment within an organization. They perform...

Systems Engineer Job Description

Systems Engineers help develop and implement new systems by testing and installing new software. They also train their team on how to troubleshoot and minimize errors. Systems engineering is a discipline that focuses on the design and management of composite systems. This field of engineering is usually involved in the early stages of product development.

What Do Systems Engineers Do?

Systems engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining information technology systems for a company. They do this by creating and enforcing rules for the various...

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