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HR management trends of 2017: future of talent and learning

All the trends of 2017 can be divided into the innovations connected with HR software solutions and changes which refer to the social and psychological factors of successful employee recruitment. But, lots of companies still lag behind the individuals who have already adopted novelties. The review of the ongoing changes will point to the things which should be modified.

Millennials are Taking over the World

The labor market is being gradually captured by the new generation, which meant that the modern rules crowd out the old ones. Millennials think otherwise, the standard...

Seasonal business made less stressful

You make every effort to spread the workload like butter to have a smooth work schedule all the year round. You can quote the time management theorists and have all the possible planning tools, but every year there’s a period when you find yourself buried under a pile of tasks, all of them urgent. That’s what seasonal business is irrespective of when your peak season is. That’s your sad story if you sell the New Year Decoration, Easter Rabbits or crop protection chemicals.

So you hire a recruitment agency, or you make your HR manager’s head explode, but either way you invite...

What you need to know about fake sick leave

There’s a whole “wiki-how” article with thorough instructions about faking illness and calling in sick. The advice is so deep and elaborate that method actors should envy it. Turns out, this sort of advice is quite in demand. 35-40% of employees call in sick when they are feeling just fine at least once a year.


Of course, they are usually allowed to have a certain number of sick days per year. But when you provide them with this possibility you only aim for honest keeping their own germs at home without sharing them with the coworkers. You don’t expect them to go shopping,...

Where should an international company hire: an insider’s view

We were about to post another article about how great and irreplaceable our software is (simply because it’s truly so), but we’ve got an e-mail from our good old friend who has been inspiring us for years. Diana is the Head of the Development Center in an IT-company. She was going to leave some kind of a basic feedback (like “The product is awesome, the support is great, thank you”) and simply continue using LanteriaHR quietly. But fortunately, we could explain to her how lazy and irresponsible this is helpful her feedback could be for those struggling to choose an appropriate Human...

How to choose the right HRMS for your company: 7 rules

How to choose the right HRMS for your company: 7 rules


If you are seeking to make an investment into the latest HR technology in hopes of achieving higher productivity, right hires, and minimized expenses, then choose a cloud-based HR management system. This is an all-in-one solution for streamlining general HR processes within your company, including attendance, payroll and absence management, performance appraisal, and talent management, to name a few.

Companies that have already been using core enterprise human resources management systems (HRMS) are making the massive switch to SaaS solutions, as the latter choice offers...

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