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Enterprise HR Solutions on SharePoint with Lanteria

When companies invest in SharePoint, they often have grandiose ideas as to what they want to build on it. Others simply provide it to departments with the hopes that they will learn the tool and build solutions using the UI.

To help companies get the full advantage of using SharePoint for their business, Lanteria has developed an enterprise software for HR and Financial management. Today we’ll focus on their HR solution called Lanteria HR.

Understanding Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR is a comprehensive Human Resource Management system that manages the entire lifecycle of your... [Continue reading...]

Lanteria – Probably The Best SharePoint HR Solution On The Market Today

Lanteria, founded in 2006, is a software development company offering HR solutions and Learning Management Software on a global market. Based on powerful Sharepoint features, it offers its clients high-quality customization with its streamlined and integrated solutions. Below is our interview with Alina Rudskaya, PR and Marketing specialist at Lanteria:

Q: Lanteria HR is a well-known HR management system for SharePoint and Office 365, tell us something more about your solutions?

A: Lanteria HR manages the full hire-to-retire lifecycle in a company. It provides 7 modules for... [Continue reading...]

7 reasons HR departments use SharePoint

SharePoint is the fastest-growing Microsoft product that helps thousands of organizations to improve their productivity and collaboration.

HR management is one of the most common areas SharePoint is applied for. Many companies have chosen SharePoint-based solutions and portals to manage employee database, store HR documents, automate onboarding, conduct performance evaluation, and track employee training.

What makes SharePoint so efficient for HR needs? 
There are 7 main reasons many HR professionals decided to use SharePoint:

1. Collaboration between employees,... [Continue reading...]

Review of Lanteria HR Management System for SharePoint

There is something that all companies out there have, and that is employees. Once a company grows, managing the time & attendance, Compensation, recruiting, learning, succession and all the tasks related to Human Resources can become a challenge, and if not done right, can lead to unhappy employees. In order to organize HR and make all the processes better, companies will often buy a Human Resources Management System (HRMS). A Human Resources Management System refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human resource management (HRM) and information technology.... [Continue reading...]

Managing finances with SharePoint becomes easier and stronger

We are glad to present the updated version of EffectiveBudget. As seen from the name, it helps manage the corporate finances using the best of SharePoint!


Get more control of your budgets, track all the changes, manage the payments and financial goals, report on every single digit, forecast the scenarios and make it all 100% automated!


Get more from what SharePoint gives you!


Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gKgvzbVVrc