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New features in EffectiveStaff SharePoint HR

Lanteria development team constantly develops new features in EffectiveStaff.

The new version of the EffectiveStaff includes a set of new features for our existing and future users.

Release Notes highlights:

Ability to assess employees by role-based job responsibilities during performance appraisal (review) Salary and Compensation Analysis charts (webparts) Enhanced Absence management (absence schedule for manager and HR, holiday entitlements, sickness allowances) Migrating to MS Chart library – now all charts can be exported from EffectiveStaff as images for our... [Continue reading...]

Parker Drilling starts using Lanteria HR

Lanteria, a leading developer of HR, Performance and Learning management solutions for SharePoint, is happy to announce that Parker Drilling, a leading provider of provides drilling services on land and offshore including drilling rigs, project management and rental tools to the energy industry, has selected and implemented EffectiveStaff as its Employee Performance Management and Appraisal solution. During the deployment phase, which took about 2 months, Lanteria and Parker Drilling specialists has implemented the corporate performance appraisal procedure using the powerful and flexible... [Continue reading...]

Performance reviews with EffectiveStaff become even more flexible and comprehensive

Lanteria releases a new EffectiveStaff feature, which helps to set up custom questions and areas for performance reviews and appraisals.

Lanteria Performance is a unique SharePoint based employee performance appraisal system that automates the employees’ performance management, assessment and appraisal processes.


Create evaluation and review forms

Create easy-to-use evaluation and review forms for various review types and employees.  

Simplify the review process

Establish a collaborative review process with automated workflows, reminders,... [Continue reading...]

EffectiveStaff SharePoint HR for SharePoint 2010

Recently Microsoft announced that beta version of SharePoint 2010 is available. All the SharePoint community has been waiting for SP 2010 and its new features and benefits. As an innovative and cutting-edge company Lanteria has included into its strategic plan migrating EffectiveStaff to SharePoint 2010. Our technical team believes that migrating will go smoothly and new EffectiveStaff 2010 will bring even more benefits to our customers!

Effective HR Process management with EffectiveStaff

Lanteria has released the HR Process Management - a new feature within its SharePoint HR solution EffectiveStaff.

Now you can ensure that all your HR processes are running accordingly to corporate policies and country law and legislation.

EffectiveStaff allows you designing your own process templates with a set of required actions and documents, starting and managing processes for any employee in a company.

As a really collaborative solution EffectiveStaff can involve multiple process participants and track their tasks.