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Lanteria goes to Las Vegas

​Lanteria attends the 16th Annual HR Technology

Lanteria will show the innovations and solutions for the HR sphere at the HR Technology Conference, Las Vegas, on October 7th - 8th.

We are to present our EffectiveStaff with it's four different editions: Full, HRIS, LMS, Performance Management System. This SharePoint based HRM is now facilitated with even more features to enhance the collaboration, automation, productivity and reporting.

Do not miss the chance to find out how to make your himan resources work with more effectiveness and less paperwork!

Lanteria's new website

Lanteria is happy to announce that the new web-site is ready and works.


We have decided to make the simple things even more simple for the quick and convenient use of our customers.

So, we wish our new web-site the long work and to satisfy our clients' HR and Budget management needs.

Lanteria Becomes Closer to British Customers!

Lanteria is extremely glad to admit that our Ultimate HR Solutions are now closer to British customers than ever before!


We would like to introduce our sales manager in Great Britain! His name is Alexander Dudko!


We are sure that now we will go beyond those borders that we might have faced! Great Britain is a very important and strategic region for the spread of all the HR Technologies!


Be sure that our new location will bring you even more satisfaction as well as more pleasant results to us!


Our contact details are as follows...

The HR Software Show London 2013: come and see

We have brought some photos from our trip to this Great City.

Here you can observe us at work and an old and gorgeous city behind our spines.

It is never possible to imagine London until the day you see it for yourself!

Please, come and look:

The HR Software Show report: who? where? when?

We have just returned from the HR Software Show in London. It was awesome beyond any doubt.


Lanteria was a new participant to this annual show, but we are grateful about those visitors who have come to see what was new in the HR Software.


It was really nice to see other companies sharing the same activity sphere with us!


Thanks to CIPD, the show, though being not a long one, went more than great. And the weather was pretty good.


The HR Software Show was a great chance to show our product and to see who has what on mind and in...

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