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EffectiveStaff in Brandon Hall KnowledgeBase

We are proud to announce that EffectiveStaff Learning, a SharePoint LMS, was included into Brandon Hall annual KnowledgeBase 2010.


Brandon Hall, Ph.D., is a leading independent expert in e-learning, helping organizations make the right decisions about technology through his writing, advising, and presenting.


Brandon Hall LMS KnowledgeBase 2010

EffectiveStaff upgrade becomes easier

We are constantly working to provide our customers with latest features and upgrades in EffectiveStaff.


Unfortunately upgrading a SharePoint solution with real data using the standard tools is a time consuming and painful process.

That is why our system engineers have developed a special SharePoint utility Lanteria DB Analyzer, which can scan SharePoint site structures and compare them to indicate the changes required.


Lanteria DB Analyzer will help to make the upgrade process smooth and safe. Lanteria customers will always get the benefits of the...

Multicurrency support in Lanteria HR SharePoint solution

Lanteria delivers a new solution for international companies – multicurrency support. Now you can store all financial amounts in multiple currencies.


The EffectiveStaff built-in currency table allows selecting a preferred currency and recalculating all amounts based on exchange rates.


Lanteria Managing Director Sergey Turin commented: “A lot of our customers are multinational corporations, having their offices worldwide. In todays global environment it gives the real benefit to company affiliates in various countries and central headquarter..."

New EffectiveStaff implementation in UK

Lanteria is proud to announce about new successful implementation of EffectiveStaff in UK. 
PJ Valves, a UK-based project valve supply specialist, has started to use EffectiveStaff to manage their HRM processes. 
Dan Munro, PJ Valves Managing Director, said “...EffectiveStaff are helping us to actively manage staff development and performance in a systemised way – a really important step forward for everyone who works here...”

New features in EffectiveStaff SharePoint HR

Lanteria development team constantly develops new features in EffectiveStaff.

The new version of the EffectiveStaff includes a set of new features for our existing and future users.

Release Notes highlights:

Ability to assess employees by role-based job responsibilities during performance appraisal (review) Salary and Compensation Analysis charts (webparts) Enhanced Absence management (absence schedule for manager and HR, holiday entitlements, sickness allowances) Migrating to MS Chart library – now all charts can be exported from EffectiveStaff as images for our...
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