EffectiveStaff HR solution for SharePoint 2010

Lanteria is proud to announce about the release of EffectiveStaff 2010. The new version works with SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise editions.

Apart from new platform EffectiveStaff 2010 includes the set of new functional features and improvements.

Sergey Balog, Lanteria Technical Director, commented: “… We have been working really hard. The new EffectiveStaff is the result of mutual efforts of the whole team. We had a lot of ideas and could implement them in the new version…”

Sergey Turin, Managing Director, has added: “… Since SharePoint 2010 was released we have been experiencing the growing demand for the new EffectiveStaff version. And now we are keen to offer EffectiveStaff 2010 to our customers…”

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