Lanteria Opens New Horizons

As you may know, Lanteria always used to offer their HR Sytem in editions. Each of those editions is a collection of several modules covering the most important areas of the Corporate HR management. Those editions are:

- Full MRMS


- Learning

- Performance


However, in order to meet the needs of each and every customer, we are really glad to announce that all the modules available under editions are now also available separately. These modules are:

- Org Chart

- HR Processes and Docs

- Time And Attendance

- Compensation

- Recruiting

- Competence

- Goals

- Appraisal

- Learning

- Talent And Succession


So, now you can either use an edition offered by Lanteria, or make your own HR Management System taking any module you need!!!

We will be glad to find the best solution and see your HR powered!

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