Lanteria is now available for Single-Sign-On with Office 365 accounts

After numerous requests, we are extremely glad to announce that Lanteria solution is available in hybrid mode for Single-Sign-On with Office 365 accounts. 

More and more clients are interested in moving into the cloud these days. In a cloud world, Single-Sign-On is becoming increasingly important, as users want to sign in to their applications with a single set of credentials.

Lanteria’s cloud HR solution now resides on a Microsoft Azure server and no longer requires a corporate in-house data center. There is no more need in purchasing a SharePoint server and having a special team to manage and keep it up and running. There is also no need to maintain local active directory users. 

Lanteria’s HR solution is represented as an application in Azure that is displayed to end users under My Apps in Office 365 and can be assesed without additional requirement to enter credentials once they are logged in to Office 365.

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