Employee Offboarding Software

Thanks to Lanteria’s employee offboarding software, the entire offboarding process can be simplified, shortened, and streamlined. This solution allows HRs to let ex-workers go without dealing with the unnecessary bureaucracy.

Streamline Your Offboarding Responsibilities

Saying goodbye is always tough and needs a lot of practice. But it is especially complicated for HRs who need to make sure that both the organization and the ex-employee don’t owe anything to each other. This includes handling critical documentation, notifying the relevant parties, and calculating unused PTO as well as compensation one last time.

Lanteria was designed for medium companies and bigger corporations which often terminate contracts with multiple workers at the same time. As an HR professional, you most likely have a bunch of other responsibilities and duties you need to do on a daily basis, so with a huge workforce, you may forget about one of your workers quitting soon.

See the Bigger Picture at a Glance

With the help of offboarding best practices, you will be able to see the list of the upcoming terminations at any given time – just to ensure that no employees leave the company unexpectedly.

See the Bigger Picture at a Glance

Automated Calculations

Calculating unused sick time, PTO, unpaid salary is such a headache, and many HRs will be relieved to find software that does all of this for them. You will have to enter how many days off your employee is supposed to receive per year, how many of them have already been used by a quitting worker, and the system will let you know what the person has been left with.

Automated Calculations

Asset Management

Additionally, the Lanteria employee offboarding program will show if there was any equipment assigned to the worker to ensure that any assets he was given during the work period are returned to the company.

Asset Management
Remote Remote Remote

How Offboarding Automation Works With Lanteria HR

To some people, such automated offboarding solutions are too robotic and unsentimental, but this is the reality we live in today – it is beneficial for both the HR manager and the ex-employee to part their ways quickly, with a lasting positive impression of each other. This is achieved by automating the offboarding process, eliminating possible interpersonal conflicts and arguments.

When quitting a job, a worker often counts on a letter of reference. Such letters can easily be generated by Lanteria’s offboarding software. When it comes to documents, you can customize them according to your company and needs, create templates to save time, and speed up the entire offboarding process.

Lastly, after the person is gone, you need to take care of their accounts and email addresses associated with your company. Some of the best offboarding solutions ensure proper employee exits from all your internal systems. Make sure your team member leaves with a big smile on their face, maintaining great relationships with ex-colleagues, and has no regrets about their previous employer.

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