The healthcare industry has a unique set of challenges with Human Resource Management - insufficient time for administrative tasks, burdensome staffing & scheduling, and rigorous demands for continuing education, to name a few. In addition, the necessity to manage the performance and productivity of healthcare employees in an analytical manner, makes accountability and development a difficult task.

The Core HR Solution allows Lanteria to reduce the administrative task-load by automating approvals, workflows, and managing documents. Our Recruiting solution ensures that qualified, dependable people are caring for your patients. The Time and Attendance Solution navigates complicated schedules, feeds working time to payroll, and tracks absences and PTO requests. Automated Performance Management enables fair reviews, evaluations and continuous feedback to improve productivity. Last but not least, focus on employee development by implementing a Learning Management System, allowing supervisors to set development goals with access to learning results and certifications of individual employees. All of the modules feed data to one another for maximum efficiency.