Human Capital Management for Healthcare Organizations

The healthcare industry has a unique set of challenges with Human Resource Management - insufficient time for administrative tasks, burdensome staffing & scheduling, and rigorous demands for continuing education, to name a few. In addition, the necessity to manage the performance and productivity of healthcare employees in an analytical manner, makes accountability and development a difficult task.

The Core HR Solution allows Lanteria to reduce the administrative task-load by automating approvals, workflows, and managing documents. Our Recruiting solution ensures that qualified, dependable people are caring for your patients. The Time and Attendance Solution navigates complicated schedules, feeds working time to payroll, and tracks absences and PTO requests. Automated Performance Management enables fair reviews, evaluations and continuous feedback to improve productivity. Last but not least, focus on employee development by implementing a Learning Management System, allowing supervisors to set development goals with access to learning results and certifications of individual employees. All of the modules feed data to one another for maximum efficiency.

Core HR functions

Core HR creates an employee database, manages organizational structure, stores documents and much more. In addition to automating approvals, this module allows user to create task reminders to automate various HR Processes (Onboarding, Termination etc.) that can be difficult to keep up with. Core HR significantly saves time, operational costs and reduces the risk of safety and policy violations.

Absence management

Since many healthcare companies require 24-hour staffing and have mandatory scheduling requirements, it is critical that Time and Attendance are properly managed at all times. Automating this facet of HR, allows employees to manage their own time-sheets and PTO requests, and provides managers with a realistic overview of employee availability and attendance patterns. This tool also calculates Absences and available PTO, all of which is visible to both the supervisor and the employee, enhancing transparency throughout the organization.

Learning and Development

Lanteria’s Learning Management System organizes development plans, schedules future training sessions, manages the company learning catalogue, calculates training budgets and more. Compliance trainings can be automated, and both short and long-term employee goal plans can be implemented and tracked. Can be used in sync with the Performance Module for maximum impact.

Performance and Succession

This module assists with reviews and assessments, both planned and on an ad-hoc basis, provides continuous feedback, and compares employee achievement to goals and competencies. Due to the high level of professionalism needed in healthcare, this area is a requirement to stay competitive on the market.


Automated Recruiting assists in sourcing top tier talent quickly, collecting candidate data and storing it in a workable database, schedule interviews, and measure internal or external candidates by ranking qualifications. Giving managers access to this tool allows them to make confident, informed decisions that will decrease turnover, safety issues and operational costs.

Reporting and Analytics

The Report Center builds reports based on linked lists, and obtains necessary analytics to make informed decisions in many different areas – e.g. Recruiting, Performance, Learning etc.

Self Service Portal

Let employees take personal responsibility for managing their timesheets and Paid Time Off Requests and save your HR department time and effort on mundane tasks with automated approval processes and workflows.

Mobile solution

Lanteria Mobile provides accessibility to manage basic HR tasks, especially Time Management, on the go from anywhere. This is very important for large Healthcare organizations with field employees.

Success Stories

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  • Gundersen TriState Ambulance
  • Middlesex-London Health Unit
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Koomarri
  • LifeFlight
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