Human Capital Management solution for Education institutions

  • HRIS solutions for the Education sector sufficiently decrease administrative time and effort through the automation of HR processes, approvals and workflows. They cover education organization’s urgent need to manage multiple documents, providing them with document storage and the option to automate the tracking of documents.
  • LMS systems are also very important, providing an advanced, yet easy to use solution that allows users to manage the learning catalogue, plan trainings and track induvial learning plans, as well as training costs – a rich scope for affordable price!
  • Consistent Performance Management allows HR to measure people’s success and efficiency, and retain top talent for the organization at all times.

Automated HR Processes

The Core HR Module provides storage, and the ability to manage company documents and employee data. Automated workflow helps decrease operational time and effort, and reduces the risk of human error when handling manual approvals. Automating HR processes significantly simplifies Onboarding and Retirement procedures for Education institutions.

Learning management

LMS provides the ability to manage a huge learning catalogue, plan trainings and individualized learning plans while reducing time and effort scheduling, tracking and following up with individual employees. This is one of the most important HRIS modules, serving Educational organizations’ most urgent needs.

Success Stories

  • National College
  • National Judicial Institute
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Pearson Centre
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