Human Capital Management solution for Finance companies

Finance and Insurance companies stay on the leading edge of an everchanging market. The evolution of technology in the business and finance industry requires reliable, customizable and modernized HRIS systems for a variety of reasons, including work- and people process manageability, control and auditing processes. In addition, Lanteria HR saves operational costs and reduces process lag times while enabling the Human Resource department to make informed and data-driven decisions. This allows for efficient managing of employee productivity, ensuring that you build and sustain top talent within the company. 

Core HR

The Core HR Module provides access and control to employee records, including tracking of record changes, record version controls and audit trails. This reduces human error and the possibility of accidentally violating labor laws. This functionality perfectly aligns with the need for the controlling and auditing of workforce processes within the financial industry.

Time and Attendance

Provide transparent and automated time management and track employee absences without the risk of manual miscalculations and accidental oversight, something that is vital for finance companies. Automating Project time tracking helps manage personal efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Performance and Succession

Enable informed decisions regarding Employee performance. Allow the creation of structured and logical employee performance estimation, and a current and calculated employee retention and succession model. This functionality helps to increase the competitiveness of financial companies in the labor market.


Fill the skills gap and maximize the person-to-job match in the fast-changing and highly competitive market of financial professions. 


Professional development and skills gap closure with automated self-services and learning budget control, keeps a high level of professionalism and educated financial workforce with current knowledge relevant to the evolving market.

Reporting and Analytics

Build custom reports based on the HR system data base. Enable informed decisions and simplify the tough choices of management for financial institutions by supporting them with data and analytics.

Self Service Portal

Allow employees to take ownership of their PTO Requests and help them manage and track documents and approvals through the Employee Self-Service Portal. Reduce operational costs and save time through process automation and provide transparency when appropriate, enhancing communication within the organization and reducing mistakes and incomplete employee files.

Mobile solution

Enable basic HR operations at any time on the go for busy finance employees with  Lanteria Mobile!

Success Stories

  • First Command Financial
  • Banka Sparkasse
  • Bank Art
  • Majedie Asset Management
  • Doha Insurance
  • Bahamas First Insurance
  • Evanston Capital
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