Human Capital Management for Technology companies

It is a challenging task to develop new, relevant products and deliver updated services in today's technology market, as it evolves rapidly and is constantly changing. That is why a skilled and high-performing workforce is the key factor for any technology company. You can support your organization with the right HCM tools adopted for technical industries. Lanteria HR will help you build a team with the right people, develop their skills, boost performance and improve collaboration.

Performance management

Maximize performance by setting & tracking clear goals, streamlining the approval process and increasing productivity of each employee and company as a whole.

Successful Training

Develop skills and competencies by planning and delivering targeted training programs customizable to your organization.

From Hire to Retire

Build a strong, reliable team by automating the entire process from interviewing to Onboarding, and eventually retirement or termination. 

Easy Self Service

Increase employee engagement, save operational time & costs and improve collaboration within all branches of your organization.

Success Stories

  • SEGA
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Acronis
  • Moravia IT
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