Lanteria Private Cloud

Discover the full power of Lanteria HR platform in secure, mobile and supportable Private Cloud

Dedicated Server in Microsoft Azure

Get a powerful dedicated server with MS SharePoint and online Career Portal in a chosen geographical location

Enhanced Security and Single Sign On

Lanteria Private Cloud has a special security level to keep your data safe and integrate with your corporate / Azure Active Directory

Integration with Office 365 and Power BI

Lanteria Private Cloud integrates with your Office 365 users, mail and calendars as well as Power BI for comprehensive analytics

Ability for Advanced Customizations

Customize Lanteria HR in the Private Cloud for your specific needs and requirements

Production and Training Environments

Utilize a mirror sandbox environment for the training and user adoption

Premium Support from Lanteria Team

Our qualified staff will support you and your cloud
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SharePoint Private Cloud by Lanteria
Technical Details
  • B4MS Azure VM (4 vCPU, 16GB RAM)
  • MS SharePoint 2013 Foundation
  • Daily Backups, 2 weeks retention policy, 200 Gb, Locally Redundant Storage
  • Antivirus Protection
  • SSL Certificate