Android Developer Job Description

An android developer develops Android devices, as well as Google Play software and applications. Android is a mobile operating system (OS) developed by Google. These developers work with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers to develop quality applications per the company's and client’s criteria.

What Do Android Developers Do?

They write clear, compatible, and efficient codes for Android applications. They also evaluate and enhance the performance of active apps at the code level. They convert designs into high-quality code and detect and rectify bottlenecks and bugs.

Job Profile of an Android Developer

Lanteria HR is looking for developers that can provide responsible application development and maintenance for a wide range of Android devices. Your main role is to develop and integrate Android apps into back-end services. You will collaborate with other engineers and developers at various infrastructure levels. The following skills are required for ideal applicants:

  • Problem solver with excellent analytical abilities

  • Capable of managing your task with minimum monitoring

Android Developer: Responsibilities

Android developers have the following responsibilities:

  • Implementing data protection measures for users

  • Revising and correcting of code before the publication of the application

  • Remaining updated on developments, applications, and protocols in mobile technology

  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools such as Git

  • Working with external data and API sources

  • Partnering with UI and UX designers and software testers to verify that each app is appealing and operational

  • Discovering, analyzing, and applying innovative technologies to optimize development efficiency continuously

Android Developer: Requirements

  • Graduate in computer science or software development

  • Java, Kotlin, and C++ expertise

  • Relevant Android developer experience with Kotlin, Java, Android SDK, Android NDK

  • Extensive work experience in mobile architectural design patterns employing frames like MVVM/MVC/MVP

  • Have at least one original Android app on the market

  • A thorough understanding of Android UI design ideas, patterns, and best practices 

  • Understanding of the Android ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks

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