Big news: Lanteria’s podcast “Getting clue on HR tech”

Lanteria’s podcast on HR technology

Do you like podcasts? We sure do!

This is why, from now on most of our webinars and panel discussions are available on podcast platforms, so you can listen to them on the go. We talk about HR trends, tools, and software, giving you fresh insights on HR technology.

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...and more podcast platforms on the way! 

Here is a short teaser of the two first episodes we have:

1. "Choosing your first HR software". Alex Shekho, HR software consultant with over 8 years of experience, in his clear and charismatic manner explains how to become a smart buyer. 

2. "Getting ready for the lockdown exit", a panel discussion with Ben Geoghegan, Kelly Tucker, Emma El-Karout. Super insightful live talk about the #futureofwork #remotework #lockdown.

Both episodes are already available on our channels!

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