Changing an Employee’s Org Unit

Lanteria HR allows for employees to be assigned to particular departments. These departments, along with their respective employees, are then represented on the Organizational Structure Chart.

An individual’s Organizational Unit is, by default, tied to their job position. To change their org unit, we must also change their job position.

1.Open the employee card and click on “change job position,” we see a number of fields available that can be edited.

2.Select the new organizational unit.

3.Choose the appropriate job position from that org unit’s job positions; assign the start date and reason.

4. Click save, and then refresh the organizational structure chart to see the employee in their newly assigned org unit.


An individual’s org unit can also be changed without influencing their job positon.

1. Open the employee card in edit mode on the “General” tab.

2. Find the “Organizational Unit” field.

3. Choose the new org unit from the Org Unit picker.

4. Click Save.

Now verify the employee’s new organizational unit on the Org Chart.


***Please Note: The “Org Unit” field on the ‘General Tab” takes precedence over any org unit defined on the “Change Job Assignment” form for the main job position only. If your system uses the “Multiple job positions” regime, then all “additional job assignments” are restricted to the org unit of their pre-defined association.

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