Computer Technician Job Description

A computer technician ensures the overall performance and efficiency of technical equipment and various IT infrastructures. A computer technician refers to an employee who diagnoses and identifies computer issues to execute necessary fixes. 

They generally have specialized knowledge and hands-on experience repairing and maintaining computer hardware, software, networks, and servers.

What Do Computer Technicians Do?

Computer technicians are responsible for maintaining and improving the reliability of various computer equipment within an organization. They perform multiple tasks such as setting up maintenance, updating software, and conducting technical workshops.

Job Profile of a Computer Technician

As a computer technician, you must be able to diagnose and resolve various issues related to computer systems. This role requires a person with a good knowledge of multiple computer systems and network protocols.

Computer Technician: Responsibilities

Typical duties of a computer technician generally include:

  • Assisting other employees whenever they encounter problems and issues in their computer hardware/software

  • Identifying computer problems from users' descriptions and/or observation

  • Executing needed fixes for debugging computer/network issues

  • Troubleshooting and maintaining the functionality of network servers

  • Installing updated versions of hardware/software to ensure technical efficiency and functionality

  • Creating initiatives to educate other users in handling specialized equipment

Computer Technician: Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in Computer Science or any other related field

  • Proven experience in computer, technical support, and/or customer service

  • Strong working knowledge of various IT infrastructures

  • Extensive experience in computer troubleshooting and repair

  • Ability to translate technical information to layman's terms

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