Data Scientist Job Description

A data scientist is a person who uses data to create value. They collect data from multiple sources and analyze it to understand better how the business operates and create AI solutions to automate target operations within the organization.

What Do Data Scientists Do?

Data scientist responsibilities often entail developing machine learning-based tools or procedures for the firm, such as recommendation engines or automatic lead scoring systems. They should be able to undertake statistical analysis as well.

Job Profile of a Data Scientist

Lanteria HR is hiring a data scientist who can help identify insights hidden in massive volumes of data and make better decisions. Your main goal will be to apply data mining methods, analyze statistics, and develop high-quality prediction systems that integrate with products. To handle the job's responsibilities, you'll require the following skill sets:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Creating data architectures 

  • A working understanding of machine learning techniques

  • A willingness to pick up new skills and technology

  • Flexibility to work both as a team member and independently

Data Scientist: Responsibilities

The following are the primary responsibilities of a data scientist:

  • Making data visualizations

  • Data processing, cleansing, and verification

  • Discovering trends and patterns by examining vast amounts of data.

  • Optimizing revenue growth, marketing efforts, and user experiences with predictive modeling

  • Creating structures for A/B testing campaigns and evaluating the quality of the model

  • Communicating and coordinating with departments to implement data-driven plans and monitor progress.

Data Scientist: Requirements

  • Bachelor's in IT or a Master's degree in Data Science is preferred.

  • 2+ years Experience as a data scientist 

  • Knowledge of data mining

  • Machine learning and operations research knowledge

  • Knowledge of R, SQL, and Python 

  • Understanding of languages like Scala, Java, or C++

  • Working knowledge of business intelligence tools

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