Integration with Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment — Overview

Lanteria HR continues to evolve, both in terms of built-in features and in regards to integration with external systems. The latest upgrade introduces integration with the widely used Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment tool. This feature measures a person's motivating factors and converts them to data for you to strategize with.

By utilizing the PI Behavioral Assessment with Lanteria HR, you can assess your employees or job candidates, before task assignment, to form optimal teams that consist of motivated employees with complementary skills, aimed at achieving the best results.

What exactly can be measured?

With the help of the PI Behavioral Assessment tool, the following factors are measured:

  • Dominance – the drive to exert influence on people or events.
  • Extraversion –the drive for social interaction with other people.
  • Patience –the drive to have consistency and stability.
  • Formality –the drive to conform to rules and structure.
  • Objectivity –the degree to which an individual prefers objectivity when processing information and making decisions.

Behavioral Assessment Workflow


As soon as the PI Behavioral Assessment is set up in your system, expect the following workflow:

  1. A link is provided to the employee or job candidate to the Behavioral Assessment test form using the same email address that is registered in the Lanteria HR Personnel card (Employee - Email or Personal Email field; Job candidates - Email field on the candidate card).
  2. After completing the initial assessment form, two lists of adjectives are generated. Using the first list, words are selected that describe the way others expect the employee/job candidate to behave. From the second list, words are selected that describe the employee/job candidate in their own opinion. Each adjective is associated with one of the key factors that determine workplace behavior: dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality. Additionally, objectivity is assessed.
  3. After the employee/Job candidate completes both parts of the assessment, a reference profile with the analyzed data is created and available for viewing.
  4. This automated feature runs by default once every 24 hours and searches through behavioral assessment reports (using the employee/job candidate data) to retrieve all relevant assessments, allowing managers to plan with efficiency, for efficiency.

Employees and Job candidates also have access to results in their personnel card (General tab, select Documents).

An example of a behavioral assessment report:



What is required for this integration?

  • The Lanteria HR Customer must have a Predictive Index account with access to the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment tool. After acquiring the PI Behavioral Assessment solution, a Predictive Index user with administrative permissions must generate a unique API key and provide the Lanteria HR administrator with this key to set up the integration on the Lanteria HR side.

  • Integration with PI Behavioral Assessment must be set up and enabled in the Lanteria HR solution.

  • The LHR - Predictive Index Integration job, which retrieves Behavioral Assessment reports from the Predictive Index to Lanteria HR, must be enabled.

  • On the Predictive Index side, whenever an employee or candidate performs a behavioral assessment test, they must use the same email as the one specified on their respective card in Lanteria HR (for the employee, in the Email or Personal Email field on the employee card, and for candidates, in the Email field on the candidate card). Lanteria HR will be able to retrieve reports with behavioral assessment results only for employees or candidates the email of which coincides in Lanteria HR and in Predictive Index.

  • The Predictive Index user that was used to register integration with Lanteria HR, must have the Behavioral Assessment check box selected.




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