Java Developer Job Description

A Java developer is a programmer who works with the Java programming language to create software and applications. They integrate Java with corporate applications, software, or websites alongside web developers and software engineers. These developers remain involved in a product's development life cycle from start to finish.

What Do Java Developers Do?

A Java developer is in charge of designing, developing, and maintaining Java-based programs. Because big enterprises extensively utilize Java, day-to-day roles differ a great deal and may work on numerous applications at a time.

Job Profile of a Java Developer

Lanteria HR is looking for a Java developer for software analyzing, testing, programming & debugging. The job also requires you to create technical blueprints for application development and generate Java application code. The following skills are required for ideal applicants:

  • Practical Core Java experience 

  • Knowledge and experience employing several frameworks (e.g., Spark, Storm, Hadoop)

  • Great attention to detail in identifying and adjusting errors in a test environment 

Java Developer: Responsibilities

Java developers have the following responsibilities:

  • Design, production, execution, and maintenance of Java software, code, and application phases

  • Monitoring, identifying, and resolving production and non-producing problems

  • Creating code that is clear, effective, and secure

  • Establishing the application's performance, security, stability, and quality

  • Comprehensive documentation of design

  • Suggesting changes to existing Java infrastructure

  • Integrateingapp design with company objectives

Java Developer: Requirements

  • Graduate in mathematics, information systems, informatics, or any other relevant fields.

  • Working knowledge of the Java programming language

  • Basic knowledge of Technologies like MVC, JDBC, JSP, SOAP, and RESTful

  • Understanding of tools such as JUnit, Spock, TestNG, Mockito

  • Working knowledge of a variety of design and architectural patterns

  • Ability to create reusable Java libraries

  • Knowledge of tools like Ant, Maven, and Gradle.

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