QA Engineer Job Description

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers are mainly responsible for pretesting software prior to product launch. Lanteria HR is seeking a highly-skilled QA engineer who can maintain the cutting-edge quality of its software through effective testing and management.

Interested in becoming part of our team as a QA Engineer? Read ahead!

QA Engineers: Who Are They?

QA engineers are professionals whose tasks are focused on improving the software development process by discovering faults in products and preventing them from recurring.

What Do QA Engineers Do?

Generally, QA engineers are responsible for generating and conducting tests, troubleshooting, and creating corrective solutions on identified problems in the software development process. 

They also assess system requirements and capacities by analyzing quality assurance metrics such as open defect counts and defect densities.

Job Profile of a QA Engineer

The role of a QA engineer is pivotal in sustaining quality standards in the development processes of the company's products. Potential candidates must thereby possess the following skills:

  • Excellent systems thinking and analysis

  • Critical thinker in troubleshooting and problem-solving

  • Resourceful and innovative in forwarding proposed solutions

  • Team player and solution-oriented

Duties and Responsibilities of a QA Engineer

Being a QA engineer follows the following job duties:

  • Assess and evaluate existing product development processes

  • Examine existing specifications and capacities within development processes

  • Generate comprehensive and well-structured examinations and test cases to identify issues

  • Produce inferences and propose solutions

  • Conduct regression testing upon the resolution of bugs

  • Review results from debugging processes

  • Keep track of progress through quality assurance metrics

  • Stay updated on the latest quality assurance tools, strategies, and testing techniques

QA Engineer: Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in Engineering, Computer Science, and another related field

  • Substantial professional experience in software management and/or development

  • Extensive experience in software quality assurance

  • Strong working knowledge of QA processes, methodologies, tools, and software

  • Proven experience with working on white box and black box testing

  • Expert knowledge of SQL and scripting

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