The R in HR Stands for Resources – The Best Websites for Human Resources Professionals

The R in HR Stands for Resources – The Best Websites for Human Resources Professionals

Useful Resources for HR Professionals

It's pretty obvious that you can't have Human Resources without resources! You may be new to the world of HR and still learning the ropes. Or you may be an HR wizard looking to improve their department. Maybe you're just a pro who wants to keep up to date with the industry's latest developments. In any case, we all need information and support from time to time to maximize our potential and achieve work or career objectives.

For those of you who aptly fit any of the descriptions above, you're in luck! Because stumbling upon this article has just saved you a ton of valuable hours. We've done all the hard work researching to find and compile a list of the most useful human resource websites for HR professionals on the internet, and here they are in no particular order:


There is no more fitting way to start off this list than to mention the largest online community for HR aspirants and professionals. Helpful resources can be found for HR enthusiasts at any level of their career - with over 1.88 million subscribers and counting. is a treasure trove of information and products to help with various HR aspects ranging from education, research, career development, networking, and compliance. This website is somewhat of a trailblazer, being the first in the industry to create an HR-related webcast in 1993. Since then, they have upped their game and boasts 250 annual webcasts alongside over 30 world-class events and conferences per year.

The mission of is to inspire and encourage HR professionals to be the best that they can be so that they can go on to impart that inspiration and strengthen the workforces they are charged with overseeing.


SHRM is The Society for Human Resource Management and is the largest association in the world in service to HR management, touting over 300 000 members across 165 countries. What's more, over half these members work for medium to large companies with more than 500 people under their employ.

SHRM has a large collection of HR resources such as templates, tools, publications, and learning materials to accompany their accredited exams. Just like, they also host regular events around the world and virtually.

Those who hold memberships will have further access to extra features and facilities, including a bonus subscription for printed issues of HR Magazine available for delivery worldwide. Becoming a member also allows you to connect with other HR professionals and join the ever-growing HR community both online and locally. Membership fees vary from $109 to $219 per year and $49 per year for students.


Students or prospective students of HR will hit the jackpot with this human resource website. is a non-profit depository of educational resources for undergraduates with HR aspirations and those seeking post-graduate study career advancement.

This website is mainly dedicated to helping with career pathing, with an extensive collection of comprehensive career profiles to help HR-inclined individuals discover or figure out their career goals and achieve them.

They also have carefully curated a list of degree programs they believe to be the best in propelling prospective students to the HR career of their dreams and U.S based scholarships to fund that required education.

Furthermore, they even offer state-by-state guides that delve deeper into the HR job market by each state; this is ideal for those of you looking for more insight into statistics such as average salaries and the biggest employers of HR professionals in your area. They also post regularly about the latest news in the industry to keep you up to date with current goings-on in the field too.

4. HR Bartender

You can find a lot of great articles on management strategies here! As you can probably guess by the name, this is the quirkiest and most casual of all the human resources websites. It takes a more inventive and personal approach to discussing topics associated with human resource management.

This website is aimed at new and experienced HR professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge. The woman behind the bar is a lady of many talents by the name of Sharlyn Lauby. She has multiple successful publications under her belt and is the president of the ITM Group. Her expertise has been sought out by various heavy-hitting media outlets such as ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. Her work on HR Bartender has been recognized by one of our early mentions, SHRM, as one of the Top 5 Digital Publications read by HR professionals and has even earned her a Stevie Award for the best business digital publication. Cheers to that!

5. HR Morning

With a name reminiscent of a TV show you might watch before heading on your commute, the information this website provides is just as important as breakfast in the morning to start your day right – and the infographics make it all just as easily digestible!

For laws and regulations made easy, this is the website you want. Popular topics include employment law, compensation and payroll, wellness and safety, talent acquisition, and more. Aside from the terrific articles, they also offer a wealth of useful HR resources and content such as webinars, workshops, checklists, case studies, blueprints, essential insight reports, interviews, and quizzes.

It is noteworthy that some of this content is offered only on a premium basis. You can choose to pay one-off fees for instant access and download of select materials and resources; alternatively, you can signup for a subscription for unlimited access. There are two types of premium subscriptions: HRM Insider for $197 a year and the more expensive HRM Insider+ for $247 a year. The latter has more access to features and content on the website. There is a 21-day free trial for both to try before committing to the service.

You can also signup for a free weekly e-newsletter and get HR management tips sent straight to your inbox.

6. HireRight

With a reach spanning over 200 countries and territories around the world, HireRight pioneered the industry's first internet-based background screening solution back in 1997 - and has been at the forefront of e-recruiting solutions and benchmark analytics for HR ever since. In fact, they publish a report every year that details insights on employment screening, hiring, and talent management challenges and practices.

Their website features a regularly updated blog with interesting reads. They also have an HR law library and a resource library, which includes white papers, webinars, podcasts, and other valuable resources. A handy glossary of HR terms and definitions is also featured.

You can sign up for a free e-newsletter where you will receive the latest industry news and best practices as well as expert advice on background screening and trends to increase efficiency and confidence in your hiring process.


Last but by no means least, we must give ourselves a shout-out! While we are primarily a leading developer of human resource management software, we also provide regular informative posts on our blog just like this one! Posts aim to discuss common HR processes and policies, with tips on how to optimize and improve company operations.  We also provide useful Live Webinars and other videos on a wide range of HR topics relevant to the regular day-to-day challenges human resource professionals and departments face.

And so, this concludes our list of top human resource websites for all your essential HR needs. If you enjoyed this article, read more like it on!


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