Web Developer Job Description

A web developer is responsible for coding websites and web applications using computer languages. They have to communicate with the customer to understand their requirements and layout preferences, create code for the front and back-end of a website, and perform tests to guarantee they are using the correct code strings.

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Web developers maintain websites and take care of technical concerns such as site performance and the amount of traffic over time. Their duty is to code and regularly update web apps to reflect current design trends or safety regulations.

Job Profile of a Web Developer

Lanteria HR is looking for a web developer for the creation, development, and modification of websites, from layout to function, according to customer demands. They should build visually attractive sites that are easy to use and navigate. The following skills are required for ideal applicants:

  • Great written and verbal communication abilities

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Time management

  • High-level programming abilities and a solution-oriented approach

Web Developer: Responsibilities

Web developers have the following responsibilities:

  • Communicating closely with  customers to discuss their website design and demands

  • Creating efficient, well-designed code by utilizing best practices for software development

  • Using common HTML/CSS practices to establish a website layout/user interface

  • Quality trials and troubleshooting of the website in multiple browsers

  • Working with web designers to achieve visual design objectives

Web Developer: Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in web development or a related subject 

  • Able to demonstrate web programming work experience

  • Excellent programming skills and extensive understanding of current HTML/CSS

  • A strong understanding of how web apps work, including safety, session management, and best practices for the development

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