Release Notes

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.08

Core HR - Improvement - A column that was not being filled was removed from My Approval Requests > Created By Me page
Core HR - Issue fix - A file name corresponding to the name of the chart being exported is offered during Organizational Chart and Department Structure Chart export to PDF
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Timesheet details page runs correctly after a company holiday is added to the current week
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Employees see Approval/Comments History for their absence requests
Performance - Issue fix - Performance Review scores are calculated correctly when using weighted section scores
Learning - Issue fix - Local Training Manager has correct permissions to perform actions, such as group assignments

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.07

Learning - Improvement - On Personal Development Plan page when a development activity is completed, the buttons are changed (Review Quiz instead of Launch Quiz) or hidden (Mark Complete)

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.06

Core HR - Issue fix - The system generates employee's full name with no extra spaces in case the template contains fields that were left empty
Recruiting - Issue fix - Total scores for Competencies sections in candidate interview forms are calculated taking into account competency group weights
Recruiting - Issue fix - Summary interview score is displayed correctly for interviews with or without interview form templates
Performance - Issue fix - Comments are not displayed on competency assessment page when Competency Assessment Method is set to No Comment
Performance - Issue fix - Duplicated functionality on Competency Framework page removed and links to appropriate pages fixed
Succession - Issue fix - Data on Succession Details page coincides with data on Employee Competency Assessment page

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.05

Core HR - Issue fix - Lanteria Picker fields work correctly in datasheet view
Recruiting - Issue fix - Candidate's documents are copied to Employee Documents when creating an employee from a candidate
Performance - Issue fix - Completed Performance Review Form displays comments left by responsible persons
Performance - Issue fix - Section Score Weights in performance review forms are stored correctly
Performance - Issue fix - Total score is calculated correctly for weighted competency groups
Performance - Issue fix - Performance Review Form Designer allows entering dot-separated decimal values into section weight fields
Learning - Issue fix - Group Assignment functionality uses correct access restrictions for Org Units picker in All Departments and Role Based display modes

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.04

Other - Improvement - Dashboards loading time and data processing optimized