Core HR - Issue fix - The job role filter is correctly displayed in the filtering section of the reports and other pages if it is defined in the Additional Employee Filters field under Core HR > Employee Database > Advanced.
Learning - Issue fix - When opening a training event that is not based on the learning material from the Training Schedule (Learning > Training Schedule), the training event form is displayed correctly. 
Learning - Improvement - The Training Requests report can handle big amounts of data.
Recruiting - Issue fix - When the candidate is automatically created in Lanteria HR based on the Candidate Self Service application, the full name is generated correctly and the candidate record is created without issues.
Core HR - Improvement - The Quick Employee Info description has been clarified.
Permissions - Issue fix - No role except HR can see the Site contents now.
Other - Issue fix - The document types with the "&" symbol in their names are handled correctly.
Performance - Improvement - The users can set up the competency total score (percent) to be calculated based on the required score. This can be achieved by selecting a corresponding option in the new Total Score Calculation Method field (Settings > Settings and Configuration > Performance, click Competencies > Advanced). 
Learning - Improvement - The following will apply to the expired learning materials:
Group assignment is not allowed from the Learning Catalog and learning material details pages.
Personal assignment and creating training requests are not allowed.
Assignment by the Mandatory Training Job is not executed.
Assignment by curriculum is not allowed.
Performance - Improvement - When printing the performance review form, the review form sections that have been hidden from the current employee role are not available for selection.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - The Absences Pending Approval on the Absences dashboard do not include absence requests of the terminated employees.
Learning - Issue fix - The unpublished quizzes cannot be assigned to a learning material. When adding a course to the Learning Catalog, such quizzes are not available for selection in the Quiz field.
Learning - Improvement - Approval process can be set up for cancelling development activities by employee.