Other - Issue fix - System updates from the version 4.4.55 or less can be installed without issues.
Other - Improvement - Additional accounts won't be added to the ES Employees user group upon a new employee creation or an employee record update.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The "-1" values are displayed correctly when exporting the Pending Absence Requests report.
Performance - Improvement - The layout of the Criteria and Level Descriptions displayed when viewing the competency details from the employee card has been improved.
Other - Issue fix - Quick link for the languages other than English are grouped correctly.
Core HR - Issue fix - The Employee Chart is exported to PDF in Mozilla Firefox correctly.
Other - Issue fix - The data export files are correctly processed by the export job.
Other - Issue fix - Lanteria HR is installed without issues
Core HR - Issue fix - The horizontal scroll bar is not displayed in the dashboards.