Learning - Improvement - New fields Cost, Currency and External Category were added to the Training Request list. These fields are visible only when the user clicks the Add Request for External Training button on Training Requests page. Once the request is approved, these fields are copied to the corresponding development activity and this information will be available in the External Trainings report. If the request is created for a material in Learning Catalog or a training event, these fields are hidden
Core HR - New functionality - Approve for all functionality available only to HRs/Local HRs was added for cases when Approval Type is set to All Approvers for a particular approval workflow step
Core HR - Issue fix - Inactive employees who are also managers are not displayed on the Employee Chart if Include Inactive Employees checkbox is not checked
Time & Attendance - New functionality - New accrual method for daily accrual of absence allowance was added
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Fixed the issue with an error appearing after absence cancellation. Now the user is either redirected to My Absences page, if the cancellation form was opened in a window, or stays on the same page, if the cancellation form was opened in a popup
Performance - Issue fix - Users are able to batch complete reviews
Other - Improvement - The ID column is now displayed by default in Certificates list