Core HR - Improvement - If the number of approval requests in the system exceeds the SharePoint list view threshold, the reports for the approval requests are still displayed correctly.
Recruiting - Issue fix - If the user leaves the Requested by field blank when creating a vacancy, the vacancy details are displayed without errors.
Core HR - New Functionality - A new Employee Access check box has been added to the Upload Document form. When uploading the employee documents, the user can now make it available to the employee the document is being uploaded for. If the check box is not selected, the employee will not be able to see the uploaded document.
Performance - Issue fix - Average Summary Score that can be checked in the Performance Round Details now disregards the Not Applicable (0) scores.
Recruiting - Issue fix - When editing the vacancy description, the users can work with it as the enhanced rich text field.
Performance - Improvement - The performance review round parameters can be changed even after the performance reviews were generated.
Performance - Improvement - Calculated score for Competencies, KPIs and Objectives will be displayed in the Performance Reviews list.
Learning - Issue fix - When creating a learning material, the system doesn't allow saving an empty learning material form.
Learning - Issue fix - When editing the learning material, the Job Roles field displays as picker.
Performance - Issue fix - The report on the 360 Review results now displays without layout issues.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - The system code was optimized for the operations on creating new dynamic absences to be performed quicker.