System of Records: Personal and Employment data

HR professionals spend over 25% of their working time managing employee data. This happens when you’re collecting paper-based documents in your office (the worst scenario), or keeping employee records on excel sheets, or using isolated people systems to store various HR data. 

The most common troubles connected with employee records are:

  • Time spent on searching/updating data

  • Keeping the data up-to-date

  • Managing security of sensitive data

  • Providing access for managers and employees from any place and any device

You need a solution that solves all these issues and consolidates employee data in one place, saving your time and preventing data loss.

Org charts in Lanteria HR

Core HR by Lanteria is a cloud-based HRIS that:

  • Collects all employee data in a single storage, including personal details, documents, employment history, salary and compensation information, performance, learning, etc.

  • Consolidates all employee information in the employee's card, up-to-date, easy to find and manage.

  • Protects sensitive data with special permission rules. Such data is stored encrypted in a hidden list and is available to HR only.

  • Provides Self-Service, so employees can complete their profile, helping HR managers do their job.

  • Accessible 24/7. All managers and employees can view and edit their personal records from any device.

  • Ensures data security and compliance. All data is automatically backed up, protecting files from missing. Employees can only view and manage the information they have access to. All data in Core HR is GDPR-compliant.

Lanteria’s Core HR allows HR managers to search in folders less, and finally focus on more important tasks.