Career Portal for Recruitment Marketing

With Lanteria HR’s Recruiting module, you can set up a career portal that contains helpful links for candidates, allows job applicants to track interviews and upload documents, and automatically publishes job openings. Use Lanteria HR to create a streamlined experience for recruited candidates!

Careers portal homepage with job listings and company information.

Upload Company Information

During implementation, you’ll provide the Lanteria implementation team with information about your company. This will proudly be displayed on your career portal’s home page. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your company’s values and culture!


Set Up Candidate Self-Service Links

With Lanteria HR, you can conveniently configure handy links to display on the Candidate Self-Service home page. These links could lead, for instance, to pages within your company website that provide useful information to job candidates. You can also upload a description under each link.

Job application interface for 'Line Worker' at Munich office.
Job openings management interface with status filters.

Publish Job Openings

When you create a job opening within Lanteria HR’s recruitment module, you can choose to publish it on your career portal. Simply choose “Career Portal” when setting up job publishing options. You can include all kinds of information in your job openings, including the work type, location, salary range, and even a Youtube video. Candidates can see these job openings in the “Available Jobs” section of the career portal.


Enable Candidates to Apply to Jobs

Candidates can easily apply to job vacancies in the portal. By clicking on a listing, they’ll see details about the job, and they can then click “Apply” to initiate the application process. HR can launch Starter Actions, which the candidate can see on the “My Actions” page. Some examples include filling out a form, uploading a document, or completing a specific action. PDF documents can be electronically signed and uploaded within the career portal, for the utmost convenience. ​​​​​​

Candidate management dashboard for job applications.
Interview scheduling interface with calendar view.

Schedule Interviews

Candidates can use the Interview Self-Schedule page to choose a date and a time slot for the interview. Note, the candidate will receive an email invitation to set up the interview; it is not available via browsing the career portal.

Get the most of your recruitment hiring process with a dedicated career portal!
Having a dedicated Career Portal will provide job candidates with a better recruitment experience. Document submission is easier, interviews can be tracked, and job offers can be accepted or rejected within the platform. And, what’s more, you can use your career site to proudly display your organization’s mission and vision, list applicants within Lanteria HR’s Candidate Database, and track all communication with applicants.
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