Lanteria Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system, usually abbreviated to ATS, is an advanced technological tool that automates and streamlines several recruitment processes.

Applicant tracking system software allows candidates to move seamlessly and efficiently through every step of the hiring process, starting with their resume and cover letter submissions.

Utilizing applicant tracking software has endless benefits and eliminates many manual functions, ultimately reducing time to hire and freeing up more time for recruitment teams to focus on other important hiring efforts.

Main Features of Our Applicant Tracking System

Organize candidate information

Our applicant tracking system can integrate seamlessly with career portals, organizing all information provided by candidates in a conveniently created talent database. Data about each candidate is stored in one place and easily accessible and filterable, allowing quick screening, evaluation, and removal of unsuitable candidates.

Candidate pipeline with Lanteria HR

Manage job openings

Create and store job postings ahead of time to be effortlessly published whenever necessary to your career portal and external job boards.

Jobs management with Lanteria HR

Streamline communication

Send out customizable and automatically generated emails to candidates at any step of the recruitment process to keep them updated and notified of crucial information at each stage. Chosen candidates can be alerted as fast as possible.

Communication with applicants using Lanteria HR

Coordinate scheduling

Schedule, arrange, or cancel multiple interviews with ease using the built-in calendar. Eliminate schedule conflicts and errors entirely. 

Interviews using Lanteria HR

Design onboarding programs

Unify the onboarding process and design your perfect onboarding program. Monitor the progress at each step and ensure all documentation has been received and processed.

Onboarding using Lanteria HR
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Lanteria Applicant Tracking Benefits

Lanteria's recruitment applicant tracking system provides both candidates and employers with an efficient and structured recruitment process aided by automation. With speedier procedures and responsive communication, candidate engagement and candidate experience will be enhanced.

Having a well-coordinated and engaging hiring process reflects well on the company's organization and infrastructure. Timely communication is important to make candidates feel valued and acknowledged. A pleasant candidate experience is likely to earn you rave reviews, boosting the company's brand.

Applicant information is organized and easily accessed by everyone on the recruitment team. Collaborative efforts are made simple, as this allows team members and other senior management staff can give their input and be involved in the process effortlessly.

Remove common recruitment frustrations and woes by implementing an applicant tracking system into your hiring process. Let technology give you a helping hand in simplifying and accelerating the search to find quality hires to fill your open positions quickly.

It is estimated that 75% of hiring professionals using an ATS. If you're not part of that 75% already, then you are lagging behind and at a major disadvantage. Contact Lanteria today for more information and arrange a free demo!

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