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Modern workforce management and HR automation solution based on SharePoint
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Org Charts

Automated organizational charts that help employees understand company structure and individual roles and responsibilities.

Lanteria HR org charts

Centralized Storage

Core HR stores your employee and company documents, job contracts and certificates with access to each file through flexible search tools and filters.

Lanteria HR data storage


Access Lanteria's library of out-of-the-box human resource reports and dashboards, or design custom reports for more unique business requirements.

Lanteria HR analytics


Lanteria HRIS solutions easily integrate with various third-party systems (such as payroll), including Office 365, SharePoint, ADP, Active Directory and Exchange. Integration through Zapier is also available

Lanteria HR integrations

Custom HR Processes

Create and track any kind of customized HR management process, easily set up through required tasks, forms and notifications.

Custom HR processes with Lanteria HR


Create pay-for-performance plans that align compensation with company goals, create team and individual performance indicators, and incentivize employees’ overall performance.

Compensation management with Lanteria HR
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What Role Does Core HR Software Take in HR Management?

With the changing nature of the labor market and talent management, having a comprehensive (yet flexible) HR strategy is more important than ever. Our core HR software lies at the heart of talent management, forming a solid basis for the operations cycle.

Recruitment, Onboarding, Recurring Training, Offboarding

Keep Track of Employees

Stay aware of how many employees work for the company/department, what roles are occupied, and what gaps are to be closed helps to optimize the workforce resources and hiring.

Assess Performance

An HRIS system doesn’t just include data regarding each position’s specifications – it also allows you to evaluate the employee’s/ organization’s performance by using performance assessments and setting up custom HR analytics.

Adhere to Data-Driven Planning

HR reports are the backbone of efficient planning and business productivity. HR systems make up a wide variety of analytics around the whole scope of the organization. Therefore, strategic planning is more accurate.

Save Time and Money

Automated Core HR solution provides business perks like decreased costs. An HR employee has more time on more meaningful tasks, while a company has increased savings.

Lanteria Core HR vs. Other HRIS Software

Since there is a wide variety of HRIS solutions, it is useful to understand the differences between Lanteria’s Core HR software and other software.

Core HR

What Lanteria Core HR Can Do:

This back-end solution is used to manage an administrative side of employee record keeping and mainly focuses on general information like an employee’s account, job specifications, organizational structure, and well as payroll management.

Top 3 Benefits of Core HR Solution:

  1. Increased efficiency/ productivity
  2. Comprehensive workforce insights
  3. Improved employee experience

Why Is Integration with Office 365 and SharePoint Important?

In today’s workplace, when time is too valuable to waste, any manual, repetitive tasks are considered as a vicious virus, killing productivity. It’s obvious that having several dashboards is much more difficult than only one.

Core HR SharePoint Office 365 HRIS
  • Forget about updating the records manually;
  • Manage all the information about your people from one place;
  • Be confident in workforce / company’s data security;
  • Easily access the HR portal from any device;
  • Customize HRIS elements as your company needs, from e-forms to entire processes (such as onboarding).

Why Use Lanteria Core HR Solution?

With a wide variety of core HR services on the market, Lanteria stands out with our:

High Level of Customization
The service allows you to manage and monitor any kind of processes that are vital for your business goals, from pay-for-performance plans to effective scheduling.
Various Solution Alternatives
Lanteria offers cloud and on-premises solutions: make a choice depending on your budget and business needs.
Reach All the Data in One Place
With Lanteria, there is no need to roam around your storage searching for the desired sheet. Now all your data about core HR activities are stored in one easily navigable system.
Integrations with SharePoint and Office 365
There’s no need to manage several pieces of software when you can easily integrate the information between them all. Save time and enhance your employee’s comfort.
Enhanced Analytics
Create different types of reports or dashboards, adjust them according to your personalized business needs, and reap the benefits of advanced analytics.

Want to know more about how Lanteria can ease your core HR processes?

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Lanteria has helped CPCS to streamline, automate and integrate our talent management strategies within our sharepoint environment. We especially like how the software allows for the effective alignment of corporate goals to the individual level and that it is already contributing to improved performance management. Both managers and employees love the easy access to the information necessary to support HR decisions. The Lanteria implementation team was supportive throughout and the ongoing support team is extremely responsive.
Diane Lane-Hutchings, Human Resources Manager, CPCS