Employee Goal Management

Goal-setting is a vital habit, particularly in the workplace. Lanteria’s Performance Module assists managers in setting strong quantitative and qualitative goals for staff, tracking them to enhance performance, creating greater focus, and guiding employees to achieve these goals.

A representation of personal goals emphasizing the ambition to increase the client base by 40%. The performance indicators include 'Career Development' with an achievement status of 80% and 'Additional Skills' which exceeds its target, having been achieved by 150%. On the right, there's a pie chart breaking down goals by their current status

Aligns Focus With Your Company's Vision

Goal–setting brings motivation and clarity to the workplace. Nothing is more frustrating than working on a project without knowing what it is supposed to accomplish. Projects take on more meaning and purpose when an employee has a goal in their sight. Our program assists employees in defining their goals and provides a platform to track and achieve them.


Instantly Establishes Goals Across the Organization

Our goal management software assists in developing and monitoring goals instantly at the corporate, department, team, and individual levels.

Summary of company-wide goals by their status and an evaluation of employee competencies based on scores.
360 Feedback dashboard with employee reviews.

Enables Easier Teamwork

In this era of remote-working and working with people across different continents, it is important to plan and keep track of project goals that need to be achieved. Our software makes the goals clear and transparent, fostering better team collaboration. Employees can easily update the finished tasks and goals in real-time and track their progress.

All the team members receive notifications and activity reports instantly using our goal management software. This improves team engagement, which leads to them achieving the company's goals faster.


Tracks Progress in Real-Time

Our goals software allows teams to use real-time dashboards for goal setting and tracking, so they can see what should be addressed immediately. The managers and team leaders also have access to these dashboards, which helps in promoting accountability and tracking performance goals.

Employee assessment dashboard with skill ratings.
Helen Miller's HR performance review portal with detailed assessments.

Obtains Metrics

Our goals software automatically provides reviews and progress reports to you; they can also be shared directly with executives to maintain full transparency.


Easily Accessible

Employees and managers can utilize our platform to stay connected to their teams and meet company objectives. From your device, you can update your goals and track the success of your team. Managers can share performance and development feedback connected to goals using any device, anywhere in the world.

HR dashboard with monthly stats & app icons.

Our goal management software consists of:

State-of-the-art Goals dashboard, which consists of six charts that help analyze the success and alignment of employee and organizational goals

Performance dashboard, which is the one-stop place for :

Designed for your business
Company Goals - Displays the total number of active company goals from the beginning of the year to the present. These are goals with a Start Date and Due Date that fall within the period.
Designed for your business
Org Unit Goals - Displays the total number of active organization’s unit goals from the beginning of the year to the present.
Designed for your business
Employee Goals - Displays the total number of active employee goals from the beginning of the year to the present.

Goal ratings – for manually assigning ratings to goals for evaluations. Overall scores and performance bonuses will be calculated using the goal rating.

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