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Collaborative & customizable HR software based on SharePoint and Office 365

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Streamlined Solutions

All your HR needs under one dashboard your HR manager can control.

Made For Real People

Lanteria HR software is customized to your individual business, so that all your needs are properly met.

User Friendly

You won't have to waste time reading an instruction booklet. Lanteria HR is easy to work with.


Lanteria HR can grow and adapt with your company. You won't have to migrate to a new software after gaining a few more employees.

Saves Time

Lanteria HR will help you with your daily HR tasks, saving your HR manager time and making your workplace more efficient.

Increased Employee Engagement

All of your users can have their own personal service portal on Lanteria HR for better engagement, communication and collaboration.

SharePoint Software

Lanteria HR perfectly fits into and leverages your on-premises / cloud Microsoft environment, and can run on any edition of SharePoint 2016 or 2013.

Integration with Office 365 and Active Directory

Single sign on and data integration with Office 365 and / or Active Directory users.

Customizable and configurable software

Client-specific customizations using SharePoint features and workflows to meet your unique requirements

Integration with Power BI

Business intelligence and analytics for your executives, managers and HR with Microsoft Power BI and Lanteria HR data.

Reliable and easy to support

Available as on premises or hosted (SaaS) solution integrated with SharePoint and MS Azure.

Secure role-based access

Multi-level security and permissions based on Active Directory / SharePoint users and organizations structure.

Get analytical insights for best management decisions

Customizable reports, charts and BI dashboards for full business transparency.

Improve company and employee performance

Continuous performance and compensation management that increases the productivity of each employee and whole company.

Save money with proven ROI

Cost effective solution that improves your organization is an investment, not expense.

Empower and retain top talents

Get the right people onboard, develop and retain them.

Increase employee engagement and satisfaction

Engage your employees to focus on business results and make your company better place to work.

Streamline collaboration and communication

Right tools to make communication and teamwork more effective.

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Supportive HR assistance

Supportive HR assistance

Lanteria HR can automate many of your normal HR processes, and provide a visual representation of your company's structure. You can view all of your employee records and documents at a glance, without having to dig through messy files.

Track Absences

Avoid confusion with automatic tracking and approval of employee leave requests, and also keep track of the time employees spend on different work related activities.

Streamline the Recruitment Process

Streamline the Recruitment Process

Make finding new talent easy with an automated recruitment process based on your company's needs. Unify and automate the whole recruitment strategy to make sure you acquire the appropriate individuals onboard.

Automate Performance Evaluations

Raise the bar for performance in your company through setting clear goals. Your employees will show an increase in productivity as a whole with this simpler method of evaluating performance.

Empower Employees

Empower Employees

Help your employees grow and develop with targeted training programs. Keep track of their certification through this unique software. Supercharge skill-set and achieve better results.

Improve Collaboration

Let your employees engage with you one-on-one with Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) portals that will allow them to handle many of their own HR needs themselves. Save massive time and money!

Customized Reports

Customize Reports

Charts and reports make it effortless for you to consolidate information. Keep track of your company’s information with custom reports that will help you make informed decisions for your company.


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