Lanteria HR implementation and customization

Having a comprehensive SharePoint HR system, we provide our customers with the high-quality service for system implementation and customization based on customer specific requirements. You can easily migrate your data from your old HRMS to Lanteria HR or create a new database from scratch with our help.

The implementation plan includes the following supplementary products and services:

  • Installation and configuration

  • Consultancy and Trainings

  • Product customization

  • Data import and migration

  • Integration with third-party systems

  • Testing and validation

  • Maintenance and Support

Lanteria maintenance and support services

We’re very proud of our Support team, fully targeted at making the usage of our products as easy and effective as it is possible. We deliver the high quality support and a fast feedback that enables avoiding the technical misunderstanding and helps rich the point of 100% in using the software solutions. We provide online and offline help any time you need it.

Lanteria support services include the following key features:

  • Product Updates and Upgrades

  • Diagnostics and Maintenance

  • User Support

Thousands of Lanteria HR customers around the globe confirm that there’s always a Lanteria’s expert to provide an instant help.

Our Support team ensures Lanteria HR is up and running smoothly for you from day one.