Frequently Asked Questions

A regularly updated list of the most popular questions about Lanteria HR functionality.

What are the recommended system requirements for Lanteria?
Can we keep our SQL database on premise while hosting Lanteria in cloud?

Yes, hybrid hosting is possible.

If we will deploy Lanteria on our current SharePoint Server 2013, will we be able to migrate to 2016 later?

Migration is supported in steps. You can upgrade from SP 2013 to 2016 and then from there to version 2019.

Can I use Microsoft Power Automate?

Yes, you can build cloud flows – this requires the configuration of an On-Premise Data gateway.

Can I use Microsoft Power BI?

Yes, Power BI can be used to pull data directly from the site, or from the shadow Lanteria SQL database.

Can Lanteria send emails?

A connection to your company's SMTP server must be configured (applicable for on premise deployment only). If you choose to host with Lanteria, we supply a mail service solution with the application setup. There are numerous notifications available within Lanteria that can be custom configured with your own company’s wording.

Can I use third party solutions which extend SharePoint functionality?

Yes, but only for on premise installations.These could be solutions to customize SharePoint forms, extend SharePoint Designer Workflows among other things.

Once Lanteria is installed, could everyone use it right away?

Lanteria does require some configuration once installed to populate organizational structure, job roles and employee information. Implementation can take as little as 60 days for our Core HR module; a longer timeline is needed for any additional modules.

Do I need a server(s) to install Lanteria?

At least one SharePoint server and one SQL server are required for on premise installation. Lanteria also offers hosting services to reduce IT infrastructure costs.

Can I use Office 365 with Lanteria HR?

Yes! Office 365 is one of Lanteria's major integrations. Read more about it here.

Does Lanteria HR have Single Sign On capability?

Lanteria’s HR solution is represented as an application in Azure that is displayed to end-users under My Apps in Office365. End users who are already logged into their company's O365 account can access our product without having to enter any additional credentials.

If we need specific features on top of core functionality, can it be developed on request?

Yes, you can always request custom development. We would need to gather requirements and then provide you a level of effort estimate for approval.

Can I apply corporate branding to Lanteria HR?

Rebranding is easy. You can use your own logo, color scheme, email signatures, and templates.

Can I write custom workflows using MS SharePoint Designer?

Yes, the developer would need the appropriate permissions (full control) to make changes to the application.

How are performance reviews handled in Lanteria?

Lanteria offers a standardized review cycle method for annual employee reviews. It also provides a modern approach of using Check-Ins. Employees and Managers can add topics to an agenda and the review can commence at any time.

How many types of Performance Reviews are available?

Annual, mid-year, 360degree, project and probation review templates are included in Lanteria.

Employee surveys can be created as part of the performance form or sent separately.

How does Lanteria handle onboarding employees?

Our application offers multiple methods to bring a new employee into the company. HR processes are used to design an activity workflow that assigns tasks to all of the appropriate internal teams.  HR can track pending and completed activities saving follow-up time.

Can I create reports in Lanteria?

Clients can create their own custom reports from within the application using our Report module.  There you will find Report Center and Chart Center.  Report results export in Excel, Word and PDF formats.  For more advanced work, clients can leverage tools such as Power Bi or iSQL to create custom reports against a shadow database.

Does Lanteria support SCORM eLearning materials?

Lanteria includes the Rustici SCORM Engine in our core product. E-learnings can launch directly from the Lanteria Learning catalog and progress is tracked until completion. Completed courses will be posted to the employee's Gradebook for viewing and reporting.

What is Candidate Self-Service site?

This is an internet-facing site provided with our Recruiting module. It allows candidates to apply for available job openings online that then passes their information into Lanteria for your recruiting team to work with.  The online application can collect all of the necessary pre-consideration information(e.g., work shift preferences, location, full/part-time, etc.).  We also offer functionality to define custom questions per vacancy.

What are the benefits of using SharePoint as a platform?

SharePoint is part of the Microsoft office solution platform and may already be present within your company's technology environment. Using a product that your company is already familiar with gives employees a head start on understanding the base functionality of our product.

Creating lists and document libraries is very similar to standard SharePoint capabilities. Leveraging out of the box authentication and integration services to automate such process as creating new employees reduces time spent and allow HR teams to focus on other activities.

Because of its SharePoint foundation, Lanteria HR is highly flexible and customizable.

Can I store documents in Lanteria and how much storage space do I get?

A variety of documents can be stored within Lanteria HR.  There are options to categorize documents for employees and HR needed for employment, health, safety, and policy.  Document viewing can be restricted by permission level and there is a library to make company documents available to all staff.  Storage space can easily expand with our hosted implementation.

Is Lanteria Mobile Friendly?

Lanteria offers a mobile app providing both employees and managers self-service options. Employees and their managers can review their employment details, manage documents, review leave balances and submit absence requests. Managers can approve absence requests and other approvals. It also supports our My Feedback functionality. Click for more details: Mobile App.

My company has unique requirements that standard solutions do not meet. Can Lanteria be customized?

Lanteria is highly customizable through configuration and/or code development. We have built custom calculation sections in performance reviews, specialized intake forms for onboarding employees, custom reports and much more. Specifics about your requirements for any module would need to be gathered and estimated for approval.

Is Lanteria integrated with other applications?

Yes, a full list of integrations is available here: Integrations