Lanteria HR for Remote Teams

If your organization is making the transition to remote work, Lanteria HR can ease your growing pains.
Dashboard: feedback, Simon's profile, onboarding, metrics.

Lanteria HR supports every aspect of remote work.

Our multifaceted approach covers remote work from every angle. We take the burden from your shoulders and make the transition to a home-based workforce as smooth as possible.

Designed for your business
Organize your team's work

From basic time tracking to employee onboarding, all your HR processes will be automated and easy to manage

Supports managers with data
Manage employee performance

You have a powerful toolkit for remote performance appraisals, including 360 reviews, check-ins and employee feedback

Designed for your business
Communicate and collaborate

Keep everyone on the same page with employee portals, instant notifications and mobile app

Supports managers with data
Train and develop

Provide compliance training, help your team learn constantly with a variety of e-learning courses and reward them with certificates

Lanteria HR: Dashboard displaying development activities, course rankings, and waiting list requests.

Organize Your Work

When your organization’s teams are working from home, it is crucial for you to be able to organize well-defined processes. With Lanteria HR, people-related data is automatically organized and managed, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture.

Lanteria HR will enable you to:

Set up and manage employee onboarding

Automate paperless HR processes

Set up and manage employee onboarding


Manage Employee Performance

Even when your team is working remotely, we make it possible for you to reduce distractions and track productivity. This is one of the most important aspects when your team becomes distributed remotely.

Lanteria HR will help you:

Set goals and OKRs for your teams

Perform regular performance check-ins online

Provide and share employee feedback

Run performance and 360° reviews

Lanteria HR platform: Employee Performance Review section.
Lanteria HR: Employee dashboard with details, approvals, and absence requests.

Communicate and Collaborate

Communication has to be re-invented when an organization turns to remote distribution. Inspire a culture of connectivity - with our software, you can foster the growth of your company culture while also catering to individual employees.

Support remote communication and increase employee engagement with:

Employee and manager portals

Corporate announcements and newsletters

Access to company policies, procedures and documents from anywhere

Lanteria mobile application


Train and Develop

Developing skills and competencies is vital for productive remote workers. Proper training and development plays an important role in driving an organization’s growth.

Lanteria HR makes it possible to:

Use E-Learning courses and training videos

Conduct instructor-led webinars

Ensure compliance training and mandatory certification

Lanteria HR: Quiz section displaying a 'Lanteria Core' functionality question

Incorporate remote work tools into your HR strategy, to ensure that your company doesn’t fall behind

Lanteria HR platform: Employee Chart section displaying details for Nick Freeman.

If you’re ready to streamline your HR department, make remote work more feasible, and boost your organization’s efficiency, get in contact with us today. We’ll show you exactly how our remote work software can work for you.

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