Employee and Manager Self-Service

Increase employee engagement and deliver a great user experience with SharePoint Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) portals.
Lockheed Martin


Personal Records

Provide your employees with access to personal data and documents, and keep them up-to-date with minimal effort.

Personal records and company data stored in a safe place with Lanteria HR

Time Off Tracking

Let employees track leave balances, request time off, and register absences, which can be approved by managers on both the mobile and desktop versions.

Leave balance and time-off requests with Lanteria HR software by SharePoint

Company Transparency

Share important company information, such as company policies, org charts, job descriptions and job openings with the employees who need it.

 Important company information secured with Lanteria HR

Performance and Learning Focus

Increase productivity by providing access to performance appraisals, personal goals, competency assessments and development plans with a simple, organized and easy-to-maintain user experience in mind.

Personal performance and learning space with SharePoint HR software


Empower your managers with analytical reports, individual development plans, and all the tools they need to make confident, informed decisions in support of your company values.

Team management with HRMS by Lanteria
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Lanteria has helped CPCS to streamline, automate and integrate our talent management strategies within our sharepoint environment. We especially like how the software allows for the effective alignment of corporate goals to the individual level and that it is already contributing to improved performance management. Both managers and employees love the easy access to the information necessary to support HR decisions. The Lanteria implementation team was supportive throughout and the ongoing support team is extremely responsive.
Diane Lane-Hutchings, Human Resources Manager, CPCS