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What Can Lanteria HR’s Employee Onboarding System Do?

Keeping track of your employee’s performance is critical for good employee management. However, doing this can be challenging for medium-sized and large businesses. When you have 100+ employees to track, keeping accurate records of performance reviews can get tricky.

And, besides that, can you imagine how long it would take you to do an annual performance review of all employees? If you’re still doing it with pen and paper, performance review management can take days. With the right performance review software, you can complete the job in a fraction of the time.

One of the best employee performance review solutions on the market.

Our Performance Module automates and simplifies the review process, letting your HR department reclaim time and make better use of its budget.
How much can I save with Lanteria?

How the Performance Review Process Works


Select an appropriate performance review workflow.

Why are you reviewing the employee’s performance? Is it an annual review or an ad-hoc one? You can use the Performance Module’s Review Form Designer to create templates for each type of scenario. You can even set up rules to automatically generate performance reviews, saving you from doing it manually.


Now that you’ve selected a review process, outline your expectations.

Set realistic goals based on previous employee performance reviews. Lanteria’s Performance module has a “Goals” section for this very purpose. With it, you can manage the company, department, and individual goals, as well as track their results.


Collect review information from the employee.

Use Lanteria’s email templates to notify the employee that it’s time for their performance review.


Set up summary scores to measure your employee’s performance.

With Lanteria's Summary Score feature, you configure various competencies & KPIs and score them in spreadsheet view.


Determine the calculated score.

The Performance Module automatically calculates this score, based on the formula: (Competency Total Score * Competency section weight) + (Goals Total Score * Goals section weight) + (KPI Total Score * KPI section weight). You just need to assign weights to each section.


Save the form.

Upon saving the form, the employee’s data is updated, and the form becomes non-editable.


Lanteria’s employee performance solution is more than a digitalized version of the performance review process. It’s also rich with many features. Below are a handful of the features you can expect from our employee performance software.


Performance Reviews

The primary goal of employee performance review software is to assess their performance. With Lanteria’s solution, you don’t need to go back to the pen and paper to collect employee reviews. It also brings the team together with its reminders, notifications, and automated workflows.


Pre-set and Customizable Templates

You no longer need to start from scratch when you have to create a performance review sheet. Instead, you can start right away from a pre-made template. You can also customize the templates to suit your company’s needs.

Those are only a few of our software’s top features. Other features include:

Designed for your business
Designed for your business
Automated check-ins
Designed for your business
Employee development strategies
Helen Miller's HR performance review portal with detailed assessments.


What are the reasons to pick and use our employee performance reviewer? It offers a lot of excellent benefits, like improving workplace camaraderie and enhancing your employees’ skills. Below is a list of the advantages of using the Lanteria employee performance review system.

A representation of personal goals emphasizing the ambition to increase the client base by 40%. The performance indicators include 'Career Development' with an achievement status of 80% and 'Additional Skills' which exceeds its target, having been achieved by 150%. On the right, there's a pie chart breaking down goals by their current status

Meet Everyone’s Goals

Our system allows you to define your objectives and assign tasks best suited to each employee’s strengths. Doing this will enable you to maximize production and improve workflow. You can also align each employee’s intents and efforts with your organization’s objectives.


Improved Competencies and Skills

When your employees are aware of their strengths, they can continue to improve them. The same applies when they learn more about their weaknesses. The Lanteria employee performance review system will give them an idea of the skills they must focus on nurturing.

Employee assessment dashboard with skill ratings.
360 Feedback dashboard with employee reviews.

Employee Appreciation

Never forget to appreciate your employees for their hard work and specializations. The system allows your employees to exchange feedback on their work and give credit where it’s due. Any employees who may feel underappreciated can learn from the reviews on them how valued they are.

Why Use Lanteria Solutions?
Finally, why should you use Lanteria’s employee performance review software? As we mentioned, our software offers high-quality automated employee review features. It’s an excellent investment for all medium-sized and large businesses that want an effortless performance management solution.
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