How to switch from your HR system

Easy to use & customizable to your needs, Lanteria HR is a real productivity booster for any Human Resource department

We know that the decision to upgrade your Human Resource software always comes with the task of replacing your old HR system. This is a critical time and can make or break the customer experience. To help you prepare for the big move we collected the top questions from our potential customers. We do believe that they will give you a good start.

Is switching HR solutions that hard?

It’s easier than you might think. We’ve helped more than 230 companies implement Lanteria HR system successfully. Our clients’ advice? Don’t wait. As your company grows, the implementation only becomes more complex.

Can Lanteria HR platform handle 100 employees? 500? 1000?

Lanteria HR is focused on large and mid-size businesses, but our customer portfolio is diverse. We have more than 230 successful projects for companies in 40+ countries across the globe.

Our typical customer profile is a company with 200-2000 employees, yet we have successful relationships with companies that have 50 employees and some with 20,000! We aren’t restricted by any industry and are scalable to grow with your company. Whether you are currently using an HR system, or are transitioning from one system to another, we got you covered.

How is Lanteria different?

  • Lanteria HR covers the whole employee journey from hire to retire
  • Lanteria HR is integrated with SharePoint and Office 365
  • As a customizable solution, Lanteria HR is perfect choice to put in place your own vision
  • Lanteria HR provides reporting and data analysis – from built-in reports and dashboards to Report Builder and integration with Power BI
  • Lanteria puts collaboration in focus! With our Self Service modules, we help the entire team work together even better.

Will my employees use Lanteria?

Our solution provides an employee self-service portal for many HR operations, including adding and correcting data in the Employee profile, approvals and checklists, time tracking, and much more. Employees can request vacations, sick leaves, other absences through the portal, reducing paperwork, miscommunications, and incomplete files.

Will I save time?

Self-service mentioned above, and automated HR processes, add up to save so much administrative time on every level! Employees can focus on their job responsibilities, and managers and HR staff - devote to strategic tasks and planning. Lanteria HR makes Human Resource processes transparent and clear for all employees.

What if my company processes and procedures are complex?

Our system is capable of covering many different options and can handle most special cases. Lanteria HR is always evolving, as we follow the tech industry trends and update our system. If your requirements can’t be covered by a standard solution, our team will create a custom solution at your request. We are flexible to customize solutions to keep our customers satisfied.

If I have an issue, will you put me on hold?

We never leave our customers alone with our system – we provide comprehensive support under the individually discussed Support Agreement. Our support engineers will answer any questions and help with any issues online. If you prefer self-help, you and your employees can use Lanteria's Help Center where you will learn how to deploy, configure and use any of Lanteria HR solutions.

Do you integrate with _____ ?

Lanteria HR contains a wide variety of integrations with an out-of-the-box solution. For example, we have pre-built integrations with Office 365, Exchange, LinkedIn Learning, ADP and DocuSign. If a customer wants to integrate Lanteria HR with other internal systems we will build a custom solution with our development team.

How difficult is it to implement Lanteria HR?

The complete package, covering all offered modules - Core HR, Time & Attendance, Performance, Learning, and Recruiting - is possible to implement in a few months. When choosing individual modules – for example, Performance, Learning or Recruiting, we can finish in weeks. You can choose your implementation approach and even add modules at a later time when you decide to build on to your system!

When is the best time to switch?

Anytime is the right time. There is no greater cost than risking the health of your workforce. If things in HR start to crack the whole company is in trouble. So, if you haven’t started your evaluation, you should request your free trial… right now.

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