Drive productivity and engagement of employees for outstanding business results with Lanteria's Employee Performance Solution for SharePoint and Office 365
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Align employee objectives and efforts with the strategic vision, direction, and goals of your organization, with a focus on individual competencies.

Goals and KPIs with Lanteria HR software

Employee Recognition And Feedback

Enable employees to give feedback to each other through messaging with Employee Feedbacks.

Employee recognition and feedback management with Lanteria HR

Performance Reviews

Establish a collaborative review process with automated workflows, reminders, and notifications, resulting in  more accurate results in a shorter period of time.

Performance review process with SharePoint software Lanteria HR

Regular Check-ins

Maintain a conversation between employee and manager where they can discuss any topic, related to the employee’s performance or career development, using Check-Ins (ongoing one-to-one performance meetings).

Check-ins - ongoing one-to-one performance meetings in Lanteria HR

Competencies And Skills

Сreate easy-to-use evaluation and review forms for various review types and employees.


Employee Development

Identify and develop the top talent in your organization, increasing retention, promoting your best, and ensuring a solid succession plan designed for the future.

Personal development plans with Lanteria HR


Get a full performance analysis with charts and reports that give a clear picture of current productivity levels.

Employee performance analysis with Lanteria HR
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Theodor Wille Intertrade (TWI)
Lanteria HR software has proven to be a great administrative tool with continuous improvements. It is simple and flexible and helps us run our HR functions with less hassle and paperwork. It keeps track of everything you need in one place, track leave records, manage employee profiles with all details related to employee, employee documents, document expiry dates, alerts, etc and we have found their services and support to be excellent.
Angela Silva, Office Manager
Theodor Wille Intertrade (TWI)