Make employees more productive and engaged with Lanteria's employee Performance solution based on SharePoint and Office 365.
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Align employee objectives and efforts with the strategic vision, direction, and goals of your organization, with a focus on individual competencies.

Goals and KPIs with Lanteria HR software

Employee Recognition and Feedback

Enable employees to give feedback to each other through messaging with Employee Feedbacks.

Employee recognition and feedback management with Lanteria HR

Performance Reviews

Establish a collaborative review process with automated workflows, reminders, and notifications, resulting in  more accurate results in a shorter period of time.

Performance review process with SharePoint software Lanteria HR

Regular Check-Ins

Maintain a conversation between employee and manager where they can discuss any topic, related to the employee’s performance or career development, using Check-Ins (ongoing one-to-one performance meetings).

Check-ins - ongoing one-to-one performance meetings in Lanteria HR

Competencies and Skills

Сreate easy-to-use evaluation and review forms for various review types and employees.


Employee Development

Identify and develop the top talent in your organization, increasing retention, promoting your best, and ensuring a solid succession plan designed for the future.

Personal development plans with Lanteria HR


Get a full performance analysis with charts and reports that give a clear picture of current productivity levels.

Employee performance analysis with Lanteria HR
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Key Features and Components


Simple and Fair

We at Lanteria provide you solutions every step of the way. Our HR performance system has an easy, visual method to evaluate individual, departmental, and company-wide performance and productivity. It is a user-friendly system that anyone from top-line to bottom-line can use.

Encouragement and Recognition

Rewarding and acknowledging your employee is essential to the business and valuable to an employee. Staff retention is improved through incentive and recognition systems. Giving the right kind of rewards can only be done through precise and transparent interactive communication, and Laneteria has a proven track record of providing this.

Feedback Exchange

It is impossible to overestimate the value of feed­back in performance management. Employees have the right to know how they can progress in the company as well as provide input to hiring managers if there is room for improvement within the company, thus leading to open communication, growth, and efficiency.

Performance Management Systems

Employees and HR professionals alike are apprehensive about performance evaluations. Providing feedback to peers is a heavyweight on your shoulders and could possibly cost you your career. Only real-time feedback, on the other hand, can also be just as chaotic. This is why we’ve devised the best performance management software that finds a balance in both circumstances.

Importance of Performance Management Systems

Control Employee Goals with Lanteria HR

Control Employee Goals

It is the performance criterion against which an employee will be assessed. Individual performance evaluation goals should ideally correspond with company objectives. Supervisors and staff can establish and monitor numerous objectives right with our performance management solutions, providing a continual feedback system while providing automated alerts for everyone to stay updated on new comments, goal advancement, and goal accomplishment.

Increase Productivity with Lanteria

Increase Productivity

You can locate underperforming workers and investigate methods to assist them better, or you can find high-performing staff who feel underappreciated and intervene before they burn out. Our insights provide you with the human resource information you need to make the best decision for your employees.

Single Status Reports with Lanteria HR

Single Status Reports

Aside from looking at a whole department, you can check on one particular individual’s performance. Performance Improvement Plans or PIP can apply to new hires or anyone who is uncertain or falling short of meeting performance expectations. Furthermore, the more hires there are, the more there is to supervise and the harder it is to keep updated from the top down.

Lanteria’s HR performance system provides reports that give executives peace of mind. It provides data if managers are completing the performance cycle within their teams, and it allows managers to easily track goal progress, evaluate remarks, and even request updates which can all be integrated into the report.

Build Your Performance Management System With Lanteria HR

Performance management solutions should be exactly that, solutions. Lanteria’s inno­v­a­tive soft­ware, designed for adaptable objectives, constant feed­back, and engaging con­ver­sa­tions, can help you streamline your performance management software and as a result, boost productivity as well as assist on the needs of future hires.

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Theodor Wille Intertrade (TWI)
Lanteria HR software has proven to be a great administrative tool with continuous improvements. It is simple and flexible and helps us run our HR functions with less hassle and paperwork. It keeps track of everything you need in one place, track leave records, manage employee profiles with all details related to employee, employee documents, document expiry dates, alerts, etc and we have found their services and support to be excellent.
Angela Silva, Office Manager, Theodor Wille Intertrade (TWI)
Theodor Wille Intertrade (TWI)