Employee Feedback Tools

Most firms have traditionally depended on once-a-year performance reviews and feedback sessions where employees share their thoughts about the company and its culture. In this era of modern technology, everyone's working standards are evolving; feedback must also evolve!

That's why you'll need Lanteria’s employee feedback software to track real-time feedback and employee satisfaction, as well as take necessary action.

Using our software, you can:

  • Provide employees with ad hoc feedback in the form of text messages
  • Provide customizable feedback that falls under different categories - for example, general or project-specific feedback
  • Send instant alerts and notifications when receiving or giving feedback
  • Get one-stop access to past and current records of feedback
  • Generate an employee feedback report – It provides a summary of personal feedback given by employees to one another, as well as manager remarks and employee feedback statistics. This report displays both public feedback and customizable manager comments.

Benefits of Our Employee Feedback Management System

Save a Lot of Time and Effort

Our employee feedback tools send alerts instantaneously via alerts. This form of feedback is a quick and easy method to express your thoughts on your employees, and it does not require any pre-planning or preparation.

Identify Challenges and Create Solutions

Using our feedback tool, you can constantly gather data that can be used to identify any problematic areas, keep departments focused, and make any necessary adjustments.

Effectively Communicate Across the Organization

Our employee feedback system assists in tracking feedback at all points of contact in your organization - which, in turn, boosts morale, reduces turnover, and creates a healthy work atmosphere.

Increase Accountability

Using our employee feedback tool, You can generate real-time accountability for all engagements and sections, thereby providing employees a platform to recognize, express, and offer suggestions. This, in turn, establishes a culture of transparency and growth with an organization.

Increase Employee Retention

Our real-time feedback management system helps determine whether your employees are content, dissatisfied, or stressed. It helps in identifying what motivates your employees to stay or quit. Thereby assisting you in creating a culture of transparency and accountability through building trust between employees and the organization.

Automated Feedback Cycles

Using our feedback software, you can automate feedback across the full employee journey with no work on your part. These integrate feedbacks into management and employee workflows, thereby developing healthy feedback habits and leaving no space for conflicts to occur within the organization.

Recognize Your Employees’ Needs

Using our employee feedback program, you can identify your employees' needs and recognize them for their accomplishments, individually or within a team project. This motivates and engages employees; they feel valued and recognized for their work, which increases performance and profits.

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