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Growth and expansion produce more data and information that companies must capitalize on to make productive and effective organizational decisions. Lanteria HR Analytics Software provides different ways for companies to gather, study, and analyze data to generate valuable insights.

HR dashboard with monthly stats & app icons.
HR data view: Country stats, employee trends.

Our HR Analytics Benefits

Our HR analytics software has been the leading choice of successful companies to uphold the superb performance and workflow of their organizations in terms of:

Designed for your business
Learning and Development
Designed for your business
Workforce Planning
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Talent Acquisition and Employee Management
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Diversity and Inclusion
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Employee Experience and Benefits

Data-Driven Decisions for Practical Business Actions

Turn data insights to appropriate business actions and protocols. Our HR data analytics save you from the guesswork and error-and-trial management of various organizational processes such as hiring and retaining employees.

Visual insights from company data charts
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Study Comprehensive Insights Across Systems

Our HR analytics software is able to correlate different employee data across various platforms and surveys to identify relevant trends and craft practical frameworks for better decision-making.


Human Resource Reports for All Business Needs

Our HR Analytics dashboard covers all significant metrics to track the progress of human resource activities, overall performance, and efficiency. Our robust technologies can direct dynamic workflow and intelligent decisions from recruitment, talent acquisition, and employee satisfaction.

Overview of employee training and development activities and assessments for the year.
Employee directory UI with highlighted profile of Tanya Coleman.

Hire the Right Talent for Any Job Positions

Find the best talent that suits your business requirements. Our cutting-edge algorithm is able to shortlist candidates according to their skills, information, and application performance. Create attractive deals and compensation packages to acquire and retain talented individuals who can fuel company growth.


Retain Employee Satisfaction to Enhance Productivity

Using our HR analytics software can help managers gauge employee experience to determine their sense of belongingness, areas they perform best, and points that need improvement. Enhancing employee satisfaction ensures the well-being of organization members, a good working environment, and healthy organizational culture.

Summary of company-wide goals by their status and an evaluation of employee competencies based on scores.


Here’s what our customers say

Ekaterina Avatar
Ekaterina K.

"Top-notch HR solution with excellent support team"

I was able to tailor the system to fit the unique needs of my organization, from creating custom fields to setting up workflows and approvals. This level of flexibility made it so easy to integrate into our existing HR processes, and it's made a real difference in our daily operations.
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Aleksandra Avatar
Aleksandra K.
"Lanteria is a top SharePoint HR software with a great team behind it"
    Lanteria HR is a great product that has even better team behind it. And as for a SharePoint-based product the Lanteria HR system looks very modern and runs quickly.
Akshay Avatar
Akshay U.
"Lanteria is the most flexible and secure HRMS I had"
    Our team is on Office 365, and Lanteria solves a big problem for us because it works so well with Microsoft products.
Hanna Avatar
Hanna B.
"Al-star for employee performance management and reviews"
   The Performance module gives us a straightforward dashboard where we can see all the vital stats about our employees' work performance. And, it updates in a flash so we're always in the know.

Frequently Asked Questions

A regularly updated list of the most popular questions about Lanteria HR functionality.

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Once Lanteria is installed, could everyone use it right away?
Do I need a server(s) to install Lanteria?
Can I use Office 365 with Lanteria HR?
Does Lanteria HR have Single Sign On capability?
If we need specific features on top of core functionality, can it be developed on request?
Can I apply corporate branding to Lanteria HR?

Build Your HR Analytics System With Lanteria

HR analytics have been enabling organizations and companies worldwide to revolutionize HR management and utilize employee data to address unique business challenges and the changing trends of workforce acquisition and retainment.

Don't waste valuable data and inferences from your team to enable business decisions, actions, and practices anchored towards continuous growth and improvement. Revamp your HR management with Lanteria HR data analytics today!