Talent Pipeline

When you use Lanteria HR for talent pipeline management, you’ll gain access to a SharePoint applicant tracking system, create and publish job openings, automate onboarding, and more!

What Does Lanteria HR Offer?

Lanteria HR offers numerous features for recruiting purposes. Your organization’s Recruiting or HR Manager can create and maintain a candidate database, track candidates, and manage interviews and job openings. So, how do you build a talent pipeline with Lanteria?

Job openings management interface with status filters.

Upload Company Information

Use Lanteria HR to create a job opening. You can specify the title, role, locations, number of openings, required skills, and so on. With Lanteria HR, you can set up an optional approval workflow.

After the vacancy is approved, the job posting is automatically published on sites that you specify in the job opening form. For instance, you can publish a job opening to your internal career as well as to ZipRecruiter, SEEK, and more.


Candidate Searching

After you’ve created a job opening, you can search for candidates on internal and external databases. Easily link individual candidates to your job openings.

While the Candidate Search phase is ongoing, candidates register on your organization’s Candidate Self-Service site. Registration is simple for them, and then they get access to a personal profile. From it, they can view recruiter emails, fill in and submit forms, upload documents, and track interviews.

Careers portal homepage with job listings and company information.
Interview scheduling interface with calendar view.

Schedule and Conduct Interviews

You can use Lanteria HR to easily schedule interviews with candidates. With our software, you can see which candidates do not yet have interviews scheduled for the current stage - nobody will be accidentally forgotten. There is also the option to batch schedule interviews.

Once you’ve interviewed and assessed candidates, use Lanteria HR’s convenient job offer generation feature. You can create automatic job offers for an individual or multiple candidates. Then, candidates can use the Candidate Self-Service site to accept or reject the offer. Upon accepting, HR can then hire the candidate with the click of a button.


Close the Job Opening

It couldn’t be simpler to close out a job opening once you’ve hired a candidate! Simply head to the opening and change the status to “Closed.”

That’s the end of the Talent Recruitment Pipeline that Lanteria enables; however, our features go beyond just this. With Lanteria HR, you can set up recruiting reports, track time and attendance, manage required compliance trainings, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

Employee management interface showing details of candidates and their onboarding information

Benefits of Using Lanteria for Your Talent Pipeline

Lanteria's software is a powerful tool that can assist you in automating all the processes necessary for talent pipeline management. Some benefits of using our software include:
Designed for your business
Candidate Databases

Create comprehensive databases for all candidates in your recruitment pipeline, containing all vital information such as skill sets and experience. Organize, filter, analyze, and evaluate your talent pipeline to help take inventory of your existing human capital, determine skills shortages to be addressed, and be ready for future workforce needs.

Supports managers with data
Efficient Communication

Keep connected and continually build and nurture relationships with candidates and employees using frequent and swift correspondence. Increase engagement with the current employee and prospective candidate and inform them of open vacancies, company news, events, and other opportunities.

Designed for your business
Time Savings

With features like automatic job offer generation, scheduling tools, and publishing, you’ll cut down the amount of time typically spent on doing such tasks manually. Regain your time and improve your productivity. What’s more, your recruitment processes are available at any time of the day, enabling you to respond to queries with lightning-fast speed.

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